August 17, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Four Weeks To Go
Redskins cheerleaders
Redskins Cheerleaders :: Getty Images
It's hard to believe that we still have to wait four weeks for the first NFL Sunday of the regular season, but, unfortunately, that's where we are. For now we can focus on non-stories, such as a tabloid reporting that Jessica Simpson has moved on from Tony Romo to Redskins quarterback Colt Brennan. The rumor actually picked up enough steam over the weekend that Brennan had to issue this amusing denial. If this story were even true, we'd say Brennan would be better off going the Chris Cooley route and pursuing one of the team's cheerleaders.
At The Track

Check out this "fan" who thought it would be fun to run onto the track during a Formula One race. Clearly, the guy had a death wish or was just trying to get close to motor racing's sexy grid girls. (Thanks to Hoffmankidd, of Vermont, for the link.)

Does Joe Buck Have His Ticket?

Artie Lange may be persona non grata at HBO, but he'll be throwing out the first pitch for the Newark Bears tomorrow night.

Still Talking Vick
Michael Vick
Michael Vick :: AP

Thunder Treats looks at how Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb stack up against other great duos in history. Meanwhile, reader James Jameson alerts us to this interesting product on the Eagles' Web site.

Dancing Diesel

Shaquille O'Neal was on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien last Friday. Among the highlights was his dance-off with the host.

Speaking Of Dancing...

The new cast of Dancing with the Stars was announced this morning. Among the notables: Michael Irvin, Chuck Liddell, Kathy Ireland and Joanna Krupa.

E-Mail Of The Day

Tim LaBerge, of Minneapolis, asks, "Another jersey fail? Or just a fail in life?"

New Items Added To Facebook

The Hot Clicks Facebook page has been updated with new links, and you can always get more stuff throughout the day via Twitter.

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