January 04, 2008
The Links
Fox Trot

Rick Fox; Cindy Margolis :: Stephen Shugerman, Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Rick Fox's playing days may be over on the court, but he's still got some game off it. We spotted Fox getting cozy with Sharon Stone at the Lakers-Celtics game last week; they apparently have some history. This was after Fox rang in the New Year in Vegas with Cindy Margolis and Mariah Carey. He's even being hounded coming out of nightclubs, although we're not quite sure why.
Wild Card Tecmo
Why wait to watch all four NFL Wild Card games this weekend, when you can watch them played out Tecmo style?
A year-end review worth studying
Which female athletes made as much of a mark off the field as on it? Check out the 25 sexiest female athletes of 2007.
Slump Buster
The Bostonist tells us that Kevin Youkilis has signed on to market an energy drink called "The Slump Buster." When we were in college, a "slump buster" meant something entirely different than a caffeinated drink, and judging from the can's design, it still does.
Viva Vega

Paz Vega :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images
We can't get enough of Framed, a new series from IFC in which athletes' stories are told from the perspective of a Hollywood celebrity. It's pure gold. There's Baron Davis dressed like a roller girl for Emmanuelle Chriqui, A.I. slamming O.J. with Nelly and our favorite, Thierry Henry, taking a shot, penalty that is, at Spanish hottie Paz Vega.
One Time at Band Camp
There are a ton of differences between the NFL and college football, and one of the most obvious is the lack of marching bands on Sunday. Since the Fox network doesn't cover college football until the bowl season, they apparently can't get enough of these things called bands. Awful Announcing has noticed this for some time and last night counted 110 (yes, 110) band shots at the Orange Bowl.
Beer Pong
The Deuce of Davenport gives us the lowdown on the World Series of Beer Pong currently going down in Las Vegas. Too bad the best beer pong squad was unable to make the trip due to injury.
Today in Campus Clicks
Rose Bowl mismatch ... All-suspension team ... Bizarre New Year's Eve drops ... 10 worst recent Irish moments ... Mascot of the Year ... Video: Top penalty call of the football season ... and more.
Britney Overload
As we write this, the local news here in Los Angeles has helicopters hovering over Britney Spears' home and "news" reporters are citing TMZ and Perez Hilton with details on her current condition. No joke. If this isn't the sign of the apocalypse we aren't sure what is. Oh, how we long for the days when Spears was just another playground basketball player looking for a pick-up game.
Videos of the Day
Rebuilding Plan
Our good friend Ryan Parker sends along his latest little ditty on Isiah Thomas. After wondering how Thomas has been able to keep his job at MSG, he seems to have finally found his answer: The Isiah Thomas 25 Year Rebuilding Plan.

Bosh '08
We're fairly certain you've all seen Chris Bosh's hilarious sales pitch to be named to the NBA All-Star team by now, but so many of you have sent us the clip we feel obligated to post it. Besides, we could watch it all day and not get tired.

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