January 14, 2008
The Links
Secret Weapon

The New York Post's Jessica Simpson look-alike :: Courtesy of New York Post
You may think Eli Manning, Amani Toomer and the defense were the reasons the Giants beat the Cowboys yesterday. But the New York Post wants some credit, too. The paper sent a Jessica Simpson look-alike to the game and put her in the third row on the 50-yard line to distract Tony Romo. The story, video and photos can all be found here.
To The Rescue
The Angry T says Eli Manning is just the latest sports figure in a long line of improbable heroes.
Music Matters
The Sports Flow is looking at the Best TV Sports theme songs of all time. (Thanks to Matt Jefferies of Reno, Nev., for sending us the link.)
We'd Rather Just Lose Money
We try to stay away from posting videos that are six minutes long, but this one is worth it. Two friends made a bet on which team would have more wins, the Vikings or Browns. The loser had to get his belly button pierced. And it's all caught on video -- with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and It's Raining Men playing in the background. Oh, and the loser now has three pink hearts hanging from his belly button. (Thanks to Marty S. of Hardwick, Vt., for sending us the link.)
Tyra Vs. Lyla

Adrianne Palicki :: Malcolm Taylor/Getty Images
Rumors and Rants has discovered the joys of Friday Night Lights, so they're pitting the shows hottest female characters against each other in a tale of the tape.
Sports And Music -- Connected Again
Athletes aren't the only ones accused of being involved with performance-enhancing drugs. Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Timbaland and Wyclef Jean have been named in an Albany-based investigation of steroids trafficking.
Classic Cheaters
Pyle of List puts together a very solid list of The Sneakiest Wrestlers of All Time. The only glaring omission is Iron Mike Sharpe and his fake leather forearm contraption.
Get Lost
The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes gears up for the return of Lost by penning its own version of the show using sports figures in the roles of the castaways. (Warning: Link contains strong language).
Today in Campus Clicks
SIOC's cheerleader of the week ... Top college scandals ... What will Hansbrough jump over next? ... Northwestern frat in trouble for hiring a "the one and only hardcore midget wrestling company" ... more.
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Videos of the Day
Terrell's Tears
It didn't take long for this -- three guys turn Terrell Owens' emotional breakdown from yesterday into a funny Coors Light commercial.

Heads Up
Jagga of San Jose, Calif., sent us this pretty impressive video of 17-year-old soccer player Kerlon, who can dribble the ball on his head with ease. If that doesn't get you excited enough to watch, check out two opponents viciously kicking him at the 11-second mark.

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