February 27, 2008
The Links
But Would Anyone Pass?

Carmella Garcia :: Marlena Bielinska /SI
The World of Isaac has invented a Wonderlic Test that we think the NFL should adopt. It features questions about "Making it rain," Carmella Garcia and committing felonies because you're a Cincinnati Bengal. We couldn't think of anything more relevant. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
This Is Why You Should Drink Responsibly
Now here's a unique list -- with pictures! -- provided by Busted Coverage: Top 10 Sports Fans Arrested For Being Dumb, Drunk And Disorderly. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Speaking Of Drinking...
Check out Terrell Owens' face when he takes a sip of whatever drink Barry Bonds hands him. Yes, two of the media's favorite athletes were recently hanging out at Las Vegas' Pure nightclub. Oh, and if Bonds and Owens aren't your cup of tea, stick around to the 40-second mark, when the perverted TMZ cameraman decides to have a little fun.
Kidd's Story
As we pointed out last week, Jason Kidd has good taste in women. However, when it comes to rapping, he leaves much to be desired. Gorilla Vs. Bear (how's that for a blog name?) has unearthed audio of Kidd rapping on a track with Digital Underground's Money B in 1994. (Scroll down just a bit for the Kidd item) And in case you've forgotten who Digital Underground is, here's a little help.
Roger And Jorge At The Movies
Sportswrap has Photoshopped Roger Clemens into a slew of movie posters, while Cuzoggle has done the same for the Raptors' Jorge Garbajosa.
Come On, People

Will Ferrell/AP
Yesterday, we linked to a genius "interview" that Why Don't We Get Drunk and Blog "did" with Will Ferrell. We assumed everyone would get that it was a joke. Especially since he "said" this about Maggie Gyllenhaal: "After those make-out scenes with Maggie, I had to take a Crying Game shower in my trailer." Apparently, though, many folks didn't get it, and we started to realize this when SI.com's own Andrew Perloff told us he thought it was real. Perloff wasn't the only one.
Advertise Here -- Part 2
Last week, we brought you a column by Machochip in which they suggested sponsorship ads for National League teams. Today, they unveil the American League. And comparing the Yankees to Haliburton is NOT funny.
We Can't Stop Playing Double Dribble
On Monday, we told you about http://www.nintendo8.com/, which offers a free Nintendo game each day. Well, several of you have written in to tell us that http://www.virtualnes.com/ offers all Nintendo games all the time for free. Many thanks for the heads up.
We Vote For The Wretched Celine Dion Titanic Song
BestWeekEver.tv is in a nasty mood -- they're revealing The Top 15 Songs We Would Torture People With.
Today in Campus Clicks
Lil' Romeo-Jamie Lynn Spears connection ... Terrelle Pryor Not Such a Great Guy ... Tim Tebow stays out of politics ... Jon Stewart -- The College Years ... Video: Hitler, the Gamecock Fan ... more.
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Videos of the Day
Sports Video Of The Day -- Sorta
SI.com's Bryan Graham passes along this gem: A video tribute honoring one of the world's most influential feminists -- Ms. Pacman.

Random Video Of The Day
Newscaster gets harassed while filming a report. Newscaster goes crazy.

Music Video Of The Day
A soulful acoustic version of T-Pain and Flo Rida's Low. The lyrics are even more amusing when you hear them like this.

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