April 07, 2008
The Links
Aloha Alona

Alona Bondarenko :: Charles Baus/Icon SMI
We don't know much about Alona Bondarenko, but judging from her latest ad campaign with K-Swiss, we're guessing she's positioning herself to be the next Anna Kournikova, which is just fine by us. We won't hold this fact against her. She's actually a good tennis player.
A Vick Comeback
How would you like to be the overweight middle-aged pass rusher doing 5-10 for armed robbery, chasing after Michael Vick in a prison football game? What are the chances of ESPN televising one of these games? We'd bet it'd get better ratings than Arena Foootball.
Manning Scores Again
Eli Manning is set to marry his college sweetheart, Abby McGrew, in the next few weeks. It won't be as publicized as this New York wedding last week, but we wish the happy couple the best.
Introductory Flair
"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair is keeping busy now that he's retired from pro wrestling. The 16-time world champion was center court in New Orleans for the Hornets-Warriors game, introducing the home team and finishing off with a Chris "My God" Paul. Apparently he has some history with Baron Davis, back when Boom Dizzle was running the point in Charlotte.
Brooklyn Blessing
Our favorite SI Swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker showed off her shiny engagement ring last week while she cheered on fiancé Andy Roddick at the Sony Ericsson Open in Florida. Unlike other celebrity girlfriends who seem to curse their athlete boyfriends (Hi, Jessica Simpson), Roddick beat Roger Federer for the first time in 12 tries, with Decker watching.
Caught Brown-Handed

Jake Peavy :: John W. McDonough/SI
Thank God for blogs. How else would we have known the real reason behind Jake Peavy's stellar two-hit complete game against the Dodgers on Saturday? Was Peavy eating a brownie between pitches on the mound or doing something more dastardly?
Rose Bushed
Do you think this had anything to do with this?
Our friends at Grateful Blue wrapped up a nice series where they broke down the best athletes as actors and won major points with us for featuring Olympic gymnast Kurt Thomas in Gymkata, easily one of the greatest bad movies of all-time. Check out the trailer, which is deliciously dreadful as well .
No Ordinary Joes
We've never thought of creating an all-time team based on a first name, but Adjusting The Cup's list of the All-Joe team proves that any other list of Tom, Dick or Harrys would only be fighting for second place.
Today in Campus Clicks
Ohio State Finally Wins a Championship! ... Bad times for the real Sarah Marshall ... Terry Bowden's interesting comments ... Carroll the Kidder strikes again ... Video: Steve Lavin and Brad Nessler drool over Jimmy Dykes' wife.
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Sports Video Of The Day
If you're tired of Tiger Woods' politically correct press conferences and want to know what he's really thinking, our friend Ryan Parker has just the song for you.

Kansas Rocks
In honor of Kansas' pursuit of its first national championship in 20 years, we thought we'd play a little Kansas and what better tune than Dust In The Wind, which became the underrated band's only Top 10 hit 30 years ago.

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