April 25, 2008
Brooke Hogan Is No Jenn Sterger
We Still Want You!
Brooke Hogan, Jenn Sterger :: Getty Images/Icon SMI
This one is for Steve of, Greenville, Miss., who pleaded with us to put up a picture of Jenn Sterger. Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke wants to become the biggest hit on a Florida campus since Sterger, but she's having trouble. The University of South Florida, Florida State University and the University of Central Florida have all turned down Hogan's request to attend the school for her upcoming reality series.
So Much Erin Andrews, So Little Time

The Victoria Times has a thorough examination of what it's calling "The Erin Andrews Era." The Angry T is searching for the next Erin Andrews. And Busted Coverage is celebrating Andrews' upcoming birthday with a big bash. Lastly, there's been some talk that Joba Chamberlain may have said something to tick off Andrews during a recent interview. We e-mailed Andrews about it, and this was her response: "He said nothing of the sort. He's a sweetheart. It was my fault. I was looking over at my producer at the end, asking him what we needed to get next from him because I had to do another interview with him about the bugs in Cleveland. Again, my fault I shouldn't have looked away so quick. I didn't think that would be included on interview."

Think You Know The Draft?

If you consider yourself an NFL draft expert, or just want to kill time at work, take this quiz that MentalFloss.com put together. When you're done with that, check out these 15 quotes provided by Barstool Sports, and then guess if they came from NFL draft analysis, Dancing with the Stars or an ad for an escort service.

Take A Flyer On McShay

Vegas Watch has a full report on the odds being offered for tomorrow's NFL draft, including "Which ESPN NFL Analyst will have the most correct selections on their final 2008 NFL draft 1st Round mock draft, Mel Kiper Jr. or Todd McShay?"

NFL Draft Videos
'Sheed Sings
New York Jets fans :: AP

Many of you e-mailed us about this rap video put together by The Best Damn Sports Show Period. The clip, which starts slow but then picks up, features a bunch of draft prospects, Kim Kardashian and pop culture references. And while we admit to being biased because we're Jets fans, this clip should be watched every year at draft time.

Even More Draft Links

Here's a very amusing mock. And here's something even more amusing: Mel Kiper's Myspace page.

Can't He Just Go Away?

The Sporting Blog has the exclusive first look at Brett Favre's upcoming Madden 09 cover.

We've Always Wondered About The Utah "Jazz"

Maxim.com looks at The Most Inappropriately Named Sports Teams and suggests a new name for each squad. (Thanks to Eric, of New York, for sending us the link.)

Going Out With A Bang

The Sonics are leaving Seattle hot on the heels of one of the oddest marketing campaigns you'll ever see.

Scary Stuff

Puck That Hit breaks down the first-round performances of each NHL playoff team in comparison to movie monsters.

Best Time Killer Of The Day

Brahsome.com ranks the top 11 skits of all time, and more imporant, provides video of each one. The list is solid, but we do have one question: No Eddie Murphy??? (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Today In Campus Clicks
'Sheed Sings
Greg Oden :: AP

Greg Oden likes boxed wine ... Duke fans still blaming Wojciechowski ... University of Buffalo player turns to Facebook to have a paper written ... NFL draft bingo game ... Video: Crazy for David Archuletta.

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Sports Video Of The Day

We had no idea Michael Jordan once broke a backboard with a dunk until we watched this video sent to us by Benjamin Koch, of Leipzig, Germany. We also had no idea anyone in Germany read Hot Clicks, but we digress.

Majorly Pissed Off Guy Video Of The Day

Via the Deuce of Davenport comes this awesome commentary by a local Dallas sportscaster who isn't happy about the Pacman Jones trade. In fact, he wonders, "If character really doesn't matter, why don't they sign Osama Bin Laden to play wide receiver. They need one. He's 6-4, and we know nobody can catch him.

Home Video Of The Day

We were a little skeptical when we saw the title of this video ("Nerf Basketball Dunk Contest") sent to us by Nick Hall, of Crystal Lake, Ill., but thanks to some good editing and music, we have to admit, we're impressed. (If you enjoy it, here's a second version, sent to us by Matt Lythberg, of Naperville, Ill.)

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