June 04, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
So Many Options
Rachel Hunter :: Mel Levine/SI

We considered three items for this top spot. All Balls is looking at celebrity girlfriends of NHL players, FanIQ is pitting the Celtics cheerleaders vs. the Lakers cheerleaders and most important, Erin Andrews said we were "so cute." But since we've been accused by some readers of not giving hockey enough respect, and there's a big Game 6 tonight, the NHL gets the lead item. Rachel Hunter comes in at No. 10 on this list of The 10 Hottest Hockey Player Celebrity Girlfriends. And for those Rachel Hunter fans, here's her SI Swimsuit gallery, and here's one of the best videos ever.

A Ton Of Lakers-Celtics Links

Lakers Girls vs. Celtics dancers. ... A fun gallery of movie posters that have been Photoshopped. ... A fun-yet-disturbing spoof of the "There Can Only Be One" playoffs campaign.

We Never Thought About It, But...

You Been Blinded makes an excellent point in this post: Why do shaving cream and razor commercials always feature athletes who shave together?

Delicacies Or Debacles?
Photos Courtesy Asylum.com

Most of us know about the Reggie Bar and Flutie Flakes, but did you know that Terry Bradshaw once had his own peanut butter. We sure didn't -- until we saw this gallery titled Home Runs or Strike Outs? The Strange Flavors of Sports Food.

This Is Better Than Hitting 600 Home Runs

Uncoached.com has unearthed some gems on this list of Hilarious/Inappropriate Entrance Songs in MLB. Did Ken Griffey Jr. really use Just Let Your Soul Glow from Coming to America as his music when he came to the plate?

Who Wouldn't Watch This?

Guess who might interview the Auburn Hills beer thrower who started the "Malice at the Palace?"

Random Links

How has Sidney Crosby's playoff beard progressed? ... Everything you've ever wanted to know about "cauliflower ear," including a slew of disturbing pics from this past Saturday's MMA fight ... Food Court Lunch has assembled what might be the most interesting team ever: The NBA All-Neckfold Team. ... Five new Divas are coming to the WWE.

You May Like These Now, But...

BooshMagazine.com tells us which songs we'll soon be sick of in this post titled Summer Music You'll Hate by August. (Thanks to Chris, of Chicago, for sending us the link.

Today In Campus Clicks
Tennessee fans:: Andrew Reed

One Way to Judge Tailgates ... Hottest rowers in the land ... Tired of Being Harassed by Online Bullies? ... Dumb Arrest of the Day ... 100 Greatest Movie Posters ... Video: The world of shin kicking.

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Erin Andrews Video Of The Day

MisterIrrelevant.com (which, for some unknown reason, we can't link to so cut and paste this: http://misterirrelevant.com/index.php/2008/06/03/blog-show-no-51-espns-erin-andrews/ ) did the following interview with Playboy's Sexiest Sideline Reporter. Unfortunately, one nugget that got left on the cutting room floor was Andrews saying that she thinks we're "so cute." For even more Erin Andrews, set the Tivo's because she'll be on tomorrow night's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Office Worker Video Of The Day

One word: Decaf. (Thanks to Scott, of Hollywood, Fla., and Dan Hayes, of St. Louis, for sending us the link.)

More Office Worker Video Of The Day

A different angle -- with sound. (Warning: Link contains strong language).

Real Or Fake Video Of The Day

What happens when you put a cell phone in a microwave? (Thanks to Allen, of College Station, Texas, for sending us the link.)

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