August 09, 2007
The Links
So Cool
If you aren't a Chris Cooley fan, it's time you jump on the bandwagon. The Redskins tight end won us over when he openly discussed the fact that the thinks about fantasy football implications when he's playing. Then a few months back, he showed up to training camp in a pair of short shorts.

Now, Cooley has given a must-read interview where he talks about several amusing topics, including his fiance Christy, a Redskins cheerleader who got fired for dating Cooley. (Click here for a maximonline gallery of Christy.) Thanks to With Leather for the tip on this story.

Lucas Cracked The Squad So We're Happy
Doberman on the Diamond has put together the All-Football Movie Team.
The Pitts
The Steelers have a new mascot and its name is Steely McBeam. Deuce of Davenport isn't impressed with that moniker and offers some unique suggestions.
We Say Give Him A Manager Named Ms. Pacman
AOL Fanhouse gives TNA Wrestling advice on how to use Pacman Jones, who debuts with the organization tonight, in its storylines.
Asterisks Are Forever: A Barry Bonds Story

Bud Selig, Martin Landau :: Getty Images
We're sure everyone is sick of Barry Bonds articles at this point, but this is one you must read. Bugs & Cranks is casting a movie based on the slugger's life and they unveil the stellar cast, including Martin Landau as Bud Selig and Taylor Hicks as Pedro Gomez.
Today's "No Duh" Story
The Redneck Games -- featuring such contests as "Mattress Chuck" and "Ugly Butt-Crack Contest," got out of hand last weekend and 54 people were arrested.
These Would Look Interesting On Your Desk
The Seattle Mariners are putting a new twist on the bobblehead craze. The team is auctioning off 6-foot bobbleheads of Ichiro, Raul Ibanez, Felix Hernandez and Kenji Johjima. But as Home Run Derby points out, the likenesses don't seem to match up at all.
Our Favorite Summer Show
We know Big Brother isn't a huge hit, but we're addicted. If you watch the show, you'll be hooked, we guarantee it. Anyway, for those of you who do watch the show, apparently Amber is an anti-semite. Let's see how CBS handles this one.
Videos of the Day
Dogs Fight Back
Son of Sam Malone deserves major props for putting up the best Michael Vick video we've ever seen. (Warning: Contains graphic language.)

Sex Sells
We have no idea what this commercial has to do with soda, but we like it.

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