August 10, 2007
The Links
Brady Baby Mama About To Burst

Bridget Moynahan :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images
Check out this pic of Tom Brady's ex, Bridget Moynahan, who is due to give birth any day now.
Happy Returns
On the heels of Rick Ankiel's feel-good night, Joe Sports Fan looks at the top comebacks in sports history.
That's A Good One
Pacman Jones has gotta come up with better excuses. As the folks at Larry Brown Sports point out, the controversial Titan now claims that he went to a strip club for the food the night before meeting with Roger Goodell.
Getting Scalped
A ticket broker agency has released a list of the top 50 average prices for college football games this season. The Wizard of Odds reveals the most in-demand game.
Broadcast Follies

Pam Oliver :: Getty Images
Awful Announcing was paying close attention to last night's Colts-Cowboys game because they posted video of a tense exchange between Pam Oliver and her producer. Also noteworthy in the clip: Joe Buck acting like his unfunny, annoying self and a Cowboys player putting a cockroach on Tony Romo.
Nash's Summer Vacation
What has the Suns' All-Star guard been up to? He's been playing in soccer rec leagues in New York City.
What Now?
ESPN's "Who's Now" caused a major uproar among SportsCenter fans, but the network stood by the stunt. So in the vein of "if you can't beat them, join them," Epic Carnival is giving the network 10 more In-Show Timewaste Suggestions.
Song Starters
Here's a solid list of the top-25 best opening lyrics of all-time. Most glaring omission: "I like big butts and I cannot lie."
Videos of the Day
Greg Oden's Crib
Via the Big Lead comes this video of Greg Oden showing off his place of residence -- his mom's apartment.

Our Favorite Commericial
Last night we had the Colts-Cowboys game on the TV but weren't paying attention. Then we heard what sounded like one of our favorite songs, Viva Las Vegas. Turns out it was a Viagra commerical with the lyrics "Viva Viagra." And now we can't get the song out of our head.

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