August 28, 2007
The Links
The Starting 11

Mandy Moore :: Matthew Peyton/Getty Images
The Beautiful Game is using celebrities and sports stars to put together a women's soccer team. They've chosen Mandy Moore to play goaltender, and when you read their explanation, it really does make sense.
Hall Of A Message
These NFL training camp haircuts get wackier and wackier each year, but, as Mister Irrelevant shows us, DeAngelo Hall might have topped everyone with his 'do from last night.
We'd Still Lay The Points
We've been betting on football checking football lines for recreational purposes only for many, many years, but we've never seen a team favored by 59.5 points -- until now.
Ref Gets Rocked
We watched this live on Sunday night and we've been hoping someone would get it up on YouTube. The 700Level has come through.
This Has To Be A First

Elisha Cuthbert :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images
Things are not going well for New York Ranger Sean Avery. He and actress/NHL blogger Elisha Cuthbert recently broke up, and now to add insult to injury, he was turned down by Paris Hilton. Ouch!
Those Hurdles Always Get In The Way
Sports Rumblings has must-see video of a track race that ends in an ugly way.
When Sports Movies Aren't Really Sports Movies
The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes are looking at The Top 25 "Obscure Sports" Movies.
Math Finally Put To Good Use
A team of Cambridge mathematicians has come up with a formula to determine that Jessica Alba has the perfect wiggle. We're not making this up.
Videos of the Day
For Those Who Have A Draft Coming Up...
...This is a must-watch.
We Wonder How He Took The Loss
Check out this Buffalo Bills fan who was confident his team would beat the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XXVII. (Thanks to Andy Carter of Charlotte, N.C., for the link.)

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