September 17, 2007
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And The Winner Is...

Kristen Bell :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Most of you were probably occupied last night with Chargers-Patriots and Yankees-Red Sox instead of the Emmy Awards. But the Angry T felt inspired by TV's biggest night and compiled a list of Emmy's for sports television personalities and sports television shows. Oh, the photo above is Veronica Mars' Kristen Bell from last night's award show. We figured you'd rather see a picture of her instead of Brent Musburger, who wins the Angry T's Emmy for best play-by-play announcer.
Not Your Typical TV Rundown
Speaking of TV, if you want to know where your favorite athletes will pop up in the upcoming months, check out the Sports Hernia's Fall TV Preview.
So Cool
So what would you do if you had a $9 million check to cash? As Mister Irrelevant tells us, Redskins tight end Chris Cooley just deposits it at his bank's drive-through.
Tat's Awful
Who has the worst tattoo in the NBA? Sportswrap has the answer.
Is That ESPN Or The Playboy Channel?

Heather Mitts :: John M. Heller/Getty Images
Awful Announcing has uncovered what might be one of the most inappropriate segments to air during a college football game. Don't get us wrong -- we love it. But having Heather Mitts cuddle with and rub her nose against ESPN reporter Rob Stone -- while trying to promote the Women's World Cup -- can't be considered appropriate.
At Least He Signed His Name
Warning: If you're a Red Sox fan, do not ask Yankees outfielder Shelley Duncan for his autograph.
Fresh Squeezed Juice
You may have heard that O.J. Simpson had quite the weekend in Vegas. Here are two highlights. First, O.J. was caught on camera whistling If I Only Had a Brain. Second, the Simpson robbery/confrontation audio tape has finally come out, and O.J. sounds very unhappy in it. That can't be a good thing, right? (Warning: Link contains graphic language.)
The Power Of Music
Check out the top 10 songs to get you in the mood for ... well, you can figure it out.
Videos of the Day
Leave Bill Belichick Alone
You knew this was coming. On the heels of the psychotic passionate Britney Spears fan who became a YouTube sensation for his heartfelt plea of the troubled pop star, (Warning: Link contains graphic language.) comes this defense of Bill Belichick. We're not even Patriots fans but we felt the same way as this guy after NBC's ridiculously over-the-top coverage of Spy-gate last night. (Thanks to Joseph Schena of Barrington, New Hampshire for sending in the link.)

We All Know These People
The 11 guys you'll always find playing pickup basketball...

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