November 21, 2007
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Giving Thanks

Eva Mendes :: Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Everyone is giving thanks today, so we thought we'd do the same. We're thankful for all the bloggers who make Hot Clicks happen every day. We're thankful to all of you who read Hot Clicks on a regular basis. We're thankful to the New York Post, New York Daily News and Boston Herald for having great gossip sections that provide us with plenty of fodder. We're thankful to Derek Jeter, Tony Romo and Tom Brady for having busy love lives that give us plenty of material. We're thankful for all of the female celebrities, such as Eva Longoria, Alyssa Milano, Jessica Biel, Carrie Underwood, etc., for dating athletes, thus giving us a chance to use their photos in Hot Clicks. And last but not least, we're thankful for this Eva Mendes photo gallery.
Just Keep Laying The Points
The New York Post's Steve Serby gets to the bottom of all the key issues regarding the Patriots and point spreads. According to the MGM's sportsbook direct, New England, which is a 22-point favorite this week, is expected to be a 24.5-point favorite against the Jets on Dec. 16, which would be the largest spread in NFL history.
Agent Zero Acts
It's no secret that Gilbert Arenas is one of the most entertaining athletes in sports today. Well, the Wizards guard has a new sneaker in stores, and to promote it, he's filmed four short films, with each one being funnier than the next.
You Could Probably Fill Out A Whole League
With Michael Vick turning himself in, he cemented his starting status as the quarterback on The NFL All-Jail Time Team.
No Mercy

Bill Belichick :: Andy Lyons/Getty Images
We have no problem with Bill Belichick and the Patriots running up the score, but the coach's latest stunt may have crossed the line.
The LVPs
Three Idiots on Sports ranks the five worst players in the NFL who get regular playing time.
Why Wasn't This On ESPN?
Is pole dancing a sport? We'll let you decide that for yourself, but the fine folks in Vegas seem to think it is. So as with any sport, a champion needed to be crowned. So the Mirage recently held Pole-A-Palooza, and the winner took home $10,000. Congratulations!
Revenge Of The Exes comes up with another stellar list: The 10 Most Bitter Female Rock Songs. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Today in Campus Clicks
Which schools have the maximum amount of fun while putting forth the least amount of effort ... Oregon State-themed porta-potty ... William Hung supports the Huskies ... Saved by The Bell Remembrance Day ... and more.
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Our Hot Clicks group on Facebook has topped 1,000 members. We couldn't be prouder. For those of you who haven't joined, what are you waiting for?
Videos of the Day
When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go
What happens when the weatherman has to go to the bathroom during his report?

They'll Always Remember Their First Dance
We're not sure why people put their wedding videos on YouTube or other file-sharing sites, but we're glad they do. - Watch more free videos
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