November 01, 2010
Halloween Roundup
Kendra Wilkinson:: Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Kendra Wilkinson, wife of Vikings wide receiver Hank Baskett, dressed up as a gangster for Halloween. (Funny, nobody on The Sopranos ever looked like that.) Dwyane Wade gets the award for the worst-looking costume as his version of Justin Timberlake looks nothing like Justin Timberlake. Celtics guard Rajon Rondo gets major props for his Tiger Woods costume. Of course, everybody takes a backseat to Shaquille O'Neal. Excuse me. I mean Shaqeeta.
NFL Roundup
Remember LeGarrette Blount? He's come a long way from his controversial days at Oregon, because yesterday the Bucs running back put on a show, highlighted by this sick play. ... Ndamukong Suh almost pulled a Leon Lett. ... Taking a punch at a referee is never a good thing.
College Football Roundup
The hosts of College GameDay dressed up as NCAA coaches. ... Here are the signs from last Saturday'sGameday, which did its show from USC. ... It's always fun when a lateral works for a touchdown, and that was the case with this play in Iowa's blowout of Michigan State. ... Heisman candidate Cam Newton (who dressed as a fairy for Halloween) catches touchdowns, too.
The Highlight Of Ron Washington's Day
Ron Washington :: AP
Lil' Ron Washington got to meet the real Ron Washington before last night's Game 4 of the World Series.
It's Like An Episode Of Punk'd
Iowa men's basketball is in some trouble thanks to ... Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.
E-Mail Of The Day
Brittany, of Virginia Beach, Va., says, "My boyfriend (Troy) absolutely LOVES Hot Clicks. It's the first site he checks each morning. I am a DIE HARD Jets fan & had a fun Halloween idea. I ordered him a Brett Favre jersey, and did the Sterger costume myself. It would make his YEAR if you posted our photo on your site. We got a great reaction. I figured 60 percent of people would be confused as hell, but the other 40 percent would appreciate the irony and love the costumes. I also carried a cell phone (flip) that, when opened, read "CENSORED" across the screen. If you could post this, I'd be the happiest (and most likely, best,) girlfriend ever. (By the way, he has no idea I submitted our pic. Adding to the shock value if he saw our creativity on your site in the morning.) THANK YOU!" Anything for a die-hard Hot Clicks fans.
Sports Video Of The Day
Last week, I posted video of Steve Perry singing along to Don't Stop Believin' at Game 5 of the NLCS. I also posted video of the San Francisco crowd singing Journey's Lights during Game 1 in the World Series. Well, in Game 2, Perry was back, this time to sing Lights.

Political Ad Of The Day
Even politicians are spoofing LeBron James' new Nike commercial. Of course, this guy is from Ohio, so it makes some sense. (Thanks to Logan, of, Athens, Ohio, for the video.)

Commercial Of The Day
Darren, of Langley, British Columbia, says, "Apparently, this commercial was on during one of the football games yesterday." The jingle is quite catchy.

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