June 10, 2011
Now He Shuts Up?
Mark Cuban :: AP

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I thought about using the LeBron James-milk carton picture that was in Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks today, but changed up the plan. Sure, LeBron scored just two points in the fourth quarter last night, but what might be more remarkable is the fact that with his team one game away from winning an NBA title, Mark Cuban has been completely silent. Think about this for a second: We are one Dallas win away from David Stern handing The Larry O'Brien Trophy to Mark Cuban in what would be one of the most anticipated trophy presentations in sports history. The Mavs owner deserves credit for letting his team have the spotlight, but we'd all benefit from him tweaking Stern or saying something outrageous right about now. As for those of you who are going to e-mail me to say it's unfair to criticize LeBron because he had a triple-double last night, the bottom line is this: If you're the best player in the game, you have to score more than two points in the fourth quarter of an NBA Finals game.
More Heat-Mavs
Before Thursday's game, cameras caught Dwyane Wade and LeBron mocking Dirk Nowitzki for being under the weather in Game 4. ... This Nowitzki shirt is tremendous. ... Referee Bill Kennedy really got into making a blocking call last night. ... Check out how the crowd erupted when Jason Terry hit the late three-pointer that sealed Dallas' win.
What Will Her Reaction Be After One More Win?
You must watch this interview with the biggest Mavericks fan you'll ever see. (Thanks to Tyrone, of Boston, for the link.)
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Lonneke Engel :: SI
We continue our look at some of the models from Sports Illustrated South Africa with Lonneke Engel and her mesmerizing eyes.
I Will Not Make A Blond Joke
But I will post this video of a woman struggling to take a picture at Wednesday's Mariners-White Sox game.
Random Links
In Wednesday's P.M. Hot Clicks, I told you the Texas Rangers drafted a paralyzed player as a goodwill gesture. The Astros did the same thing, so props to them. ... Meet the Phillies fan who has kept a hot dog from Veterans Stadium since 2003. ... Rays players recently wore pajamas while embarking on their next road trip.
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Sports Video Of The Day
Forget SI.com, ESPN.com, NBA.com, the Miami Herald, the Dallas Morning News and any other media outlet you can think of. None of them have broken down the NBA Finals as good as this guy. Not. Even. Close. (Thanks to Alti Iftikhar, of Chicago, for the link.)

eHarmony Video Of The Day
I don't want this to be fake.

News Report/Food Of The Day
Anybody up for some cicada ice cream?

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