June 11, 2008
The Links
Who is the Bart Simpson of the NBA?

Michael Beasley will be the Bart Simpson of the NBA. :: AP
Last week, we brought you The Angry T's mock baseball draft featuring movie characters. Today, we bring you The Bleacher Report's mock NBA draft, in which each of the presumed top 10 picks is cast as a sitcom character. We think Brooke Lopez got shafted just a bit. Sure, he's smart, and sure, he likes Disney ... but casting him as Steve Urkel? That's just cold.
Where Does Your Team Rank?
In case you missed it, The New York Times' sports blog The Quad is ranking every Football Championship Subdivision team. Today's post is No. 79 Central Florida, but why not start from the beginning with No. 120 Western Kentucky.
The History of Porn
If you're free this weekend, why not head to Boston's Good Vibrations porn shop for "Beyond Boogie Nights," a History of Porn event. Bonus: the event is free (provided, of course, you make it through the evening without picking up some GV merchandise).
Guitar Jam Faces
If you're heading to Bonnaroo or any other summer music festival, we want you to be prepared. That's why we're bringing you Rolling Stone's Field Guide to Guitar Jam Faces. Study hard.
Your Summer Romance is Doomed

It was summer loving for Danny and Sandy, but it might not be for you. :: Everett Collection
Summer just started, so we hate to burst your bubble of sunshine and love already, but College OTR is here with a reality check: six signs your summer romance won't last.
When Hats Mate
Sick of alternating between your Dodgers and USC hats? New Era has solved your problem with this hybrid hat.
Let the Speculation Begin
Busted Coverage wants to know why Terrelle Pryor was meeting with Arnold Palmer in the latter's private office.
Alligator Hunting
What has Allen Bailey done that you haven't? Sure, he plays defensive end for Miami, but that's not what we mean. We're referring to the fact that he's killed an alligator with a shovel.
Pop Culture Nugget
Hulk Hogan says it's God's will that his son Nick's friend John ended up in a vegetative comma after Nick's car crash.
Today in Hot Clicks
Minnilo and Milano confuse Jeff Van Gundy ... Lasorda doesn't know Nicole Richie ... Office story ... Iron Man vs. Iron Man ... Sports' Benedict Arnolds ... Video: Two Kobe clips ... Be careful at the beach.
Odds and Ends
Ty Lawson thinks his arrest was unjustified ... 800-word Harry Potter prequel fetches $48,000 ... Reese Witherspoon is a college dropout ... Rick Neuheisel bribed auction bidders by promising the winner could call UCLA's first play ... LSU says it has the fastest college football player ever.
Videos of the Day
Flugtag Events from Around the World

Because really, there isn't enough Flugtag in any of our lives.

Meet the Col-Pop

It's soda. It's chicken. It's OK to be afraid (and secretly excited).

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