By Ian Thomsen
June 25, 2009
11 PG Jrue Holiday UCLA Fr. 6-4 199
They'll be happy he slid to them, a high upside combo guard to help fill in for Vince Carter someday.
12 SG Terrence Williams Louisville Sr. 6-6 213
He's a feisty wing player who will mix it up inside, and over the years Larry Brown has done well with those kind of players. He'll provide some grit.
13 PG Ty Lawson North Carolina Jr. 6-1 199
He's a big-time winner who has been downgraded slightly because of worries about his turf-toe injury last season and the relative lack of "upside," but the Pacers will embrace Lawson's leadership. His basketball IQ will enable him to make the most of his quickness. A highly reliable choice here.
14 PF James Johnson Wake Forest Soph. 6-8 257
The Suns are a wild card as they continue to reinvent their roster, and so they could go in any number of directions. But Johnson could be a building block for their new frontcourt.
15 SF Austin Daye Gonzaga Soph. 6-11 192
He has a lot to learn, but he'll be going to a team willing to invest the time to teach him. Mullens has the raw ability to turn into a versatile center whether in the paint or facing the basket.
16 C B.J. Mullens Ohio State Fr. 7-1 258
A perimeter shooter with length and athleticism, he could create matchup problems in a few years. But he needs to be with a team willing to invest in his talents -- and this is the right team for him.
17 PG Brandon Jennings Lottomatica Roma (Italy) -- 6-2 165
They'll be happy to have an up-tempo point guard who will arrive with something to prove. The open-floor 76ers are an excellent landing spot for Jennings.
18 PG Eric Maynor VCU Sr. 6-3 164
The Timberwolves have a need for a traditional point guard and Maynor fits that profile. As a four-year collegian, he'll provide stability despite of his rookie status.
19 PF Tyler Hansbrough North Carolina Sr. 6-10 234
Even as a rookie, he'll provide leadership to their second unit and raise the level of practices by playing hard without fail. This would be a surprisingly good addition for a team picking so late in the draft.
20 SF Omri Casspi Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel) -- 6-9 211
He needs to improve his shooting, but this ultra-aggressive forward looks like an eventual high-energy replacement for Matt Harpring. Casspi is a Jerry Sloan player.

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