September 18, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Can't Curb The Enthusiasm
Megan Fox
Megan Fox : Courtesy of Rolling Stone
Sure, there's a great slate of NFL games this weekend, and plenty of key storylines to watch. For example, how much will Bill Belichick and the Patriots make the Jets pay for saying stupid things all week? And will anyone hit the JumboTron when the Cowboys open their new stadium against the Giants? How many picks will Jake Delhomme throw against the Falcons? Will Chad Ochocinco score a touchdown and do the Lambeau Leap when the Bengals face the Packers? Will Jay Cutler hear any boos if he gets off to a bad start against the Steelers? But all of these things take a backseat to another big event that takes place this weekend. No, I'm not talking about Megan Fox's movie Jennifer's Body hitting theaters, although that is a big event. (On a side note: Check out this Fox photo gallery from Rolling Stone. Picture No. 3 is kinda fascinating. She seems to cook bacon in a very interesting way.) I'm talking about the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm on Sunday night. This season's Curb focuses on Larry putting together a Seinfeld reunion. Here's a preview.
Speaking Of Seinfeld...

We all know Jerry raked in the big bucks when he was starring in the show about nothing, as do the top TV stars of today. This has prompted The Angry T to find actors/actresses who make the same salary as certain athletes and see which one provides more bang for the buck.

More Athletes + TV

With Michael Strahan starring in his own sitcom, Pyle of List looks at what other NFL stars are due for a TV show when they retire.

Last Athlete + TV Link, I Swear

In case you haven't heard, the WNBA's Atlanta Dream were kicked out of their own arena for the first round of the playoffs by Sesame Street. This has prompted Bleacher Report to come up with the top 10 athlete appearances on Sesame Street.

College Football Is Just Like Politics
Lane Kiffin, Sarah Palin
Lane Kiffin, Sarah Palin :: Getty Images

CBS Sports' Tim Brando recently compared Lane Kiffin to Sarah Palin. That means it's time for a tale of the tape.


I've been waiting for this must-see clip to hit YouTube since the second it aired a few weeks ago. Listen, I love Twitter. Can't get enough of it. And, cheap plug, you should follow me. HOWEVER, I can't exactly relate to Ochocinco's reaction (via the tremendous Hard Knocks) and the analogy he used when coach Marvin Lewis explained the team's new Twitter/Facebook/UStream rules in a meeting.

Georgia Tech-Miami Recap

I some people may think the best part of Miami's thumping of Georgia Tech last night was the game miraculously going under the total 54. Others may think it's this photo. Others may think it's this hit. One thing we can all agree on, though, is that while the Yellow Jackets' performance was not good, it was better than this Georgia Tech performance. (Thanks to Derrich, of San Antonio, for the link.)

Life On The Road

Here's an, um, interesting story about Mark Grace, a female bartender and a tattoo. The story isn't as interesting as the fact that Grace's agent actually commented on it.

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Sports Video Of The Day
Here's a different but awesome spin on Brandon Stokley's crazy touchdown from last week. (Thanks to Scott, of Ottawa, and Josh, of Denver, for the link.)
Live TV Video Of The Day
Yesterday, local New York news anchor Ernie Anastos was all over the place after telling the weatherman to keep doing something dirty to a chicken on Wednesday's telecast. Three things about this. One, Anastos apologized last night, using the old "if anyone was offended" line. Two, TV blog Warning Glow is starting a movement to get the phrase Anastos uttered into the American lexicon. Three, Anastos has been doing the news in New York forever. Jim Jensen was another iconic New York newsman. While searching YouTube for more Anastos stuff, I came across this compilation of Jensen bloopers. It's simply one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
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