July 31, 2008
Tale of the Tape
SI.com's Cory McCartney sizes up the original Olympics and their modern equivalent.
Original Olympics
Modern Olympics
776 BC 1896
Founded By
Hercules, according to legend 302 events in 28 sports
One (the "stadion" race, a 210-yard run) 302 events in 28 sports
Nothing High-tech fabrics
Nike Is ...
A statue along the Olympic grounds Everywhere
Star Power
Wrestler Milo of Croton Swimmer Michael Phelps
Had to be free men who spoke Greek Come from 204 nations
To Participate
Men had to give oath in front of Zeus' statue saying they'd been training for 10 months Athletes compete for years and have to go through rigorous trials to make nation's team
Sacrifices made to Pelops, king of Olympia Take your pick
Olive wreath Medals

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