January 11, 2011
Wrapping Up The Title Game
Oregon cheerleaders :: IconSMI

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ESPN's camera's made sure to give you plenty of looks at the Oregon cheerleaders last night, and for a long time, that was the highlight of the game. But things certainly picked up in the end, including the question of whether Auburn running back Michael Dyer was down on his late run, which led to the Tigers' game-winning field goal. This look seems to indicate he was. Another question from last night's game: Should Auburn running back Eric Smith have been ejected for this cheap shot? Speaking of low points, I love Brent Musburger, but he had a couple of rough moments. There was this premature touchdown call and an embarrassing sponsor plug at the biggest moment of the game. Lastly, it was good to see the Auburn fans celebrate their title not by rioting, but by toilet papering.
Basketball's Newest Prodigy
I can't figure out what's more impressive about 5-year-old K.J. Farfan: His impressive hoops skills, or the fact that he's on Twitter. (Thanks to James, of Washington, for the link.)
Rose To The Occasion
In case you missed this while watching Auburn-Oregon, Bulls guard Derrick Rose had a must-see dunklast night.
Set The DVRs
Onion SportsDome :: Comedy Central
The Onion has teamed up with Comedy Central for a new show -- SportsDome -- that spoofs SportsCenter. It debuts tonight at 10:30 ET, and you can watch a few preview clips here.
We've All Been Waiting For This Game
Finally, someone has invented a game men can play while, um, using a urinal.
Sports Video Of The Day
Ron Artest plays basketball with Maxim models.

Prank Video Of The Day
Via Buzzfeed.com comes this video of a guy freaking out shoppers in Target by describing what they're doing to someone on the phone. It's funnier than it sounds.

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