August 13, 2008
How do sports starts fit in?
D.J. Williams
Broncos LB

Juli Inkster

T.J. Houshmandzadeh
Bengals WR

Edgar Gonzalez
Padres 2B
The Jonas Brothers remind me of... A boy band that cares too much about hair Screaming teenage girls My kids Nothing
Favorite Olympian of all time Flo-Jo JJ Thomas Maurice Green and Michael Johnson Carl Lewis
Number of pillows on your bed At least 12. It's my mother's fault Seven In training camp? One Four
______ used to be hot. Now, not so much Baggy clothes and big chains with your name on it Walkmen Britney Spears Britney Spears
Manny is... My idol In Dodger blue. Gag! Very eccentric Awesome
Favorite designer? I wear everything Got to love my Adidas Anything that's free Frank Lloyd Wright
Last time you cried? Three days ago, a teammate made a joke about Steve Harris' toes. Water also came out of my nose When I received my daughter's text message bill My wife's grandmother's funeral When my granpa died last year
If I worked for Diddy I would... screen the guys for making the band to make sure no more grown men cry have to bling up probably get fired. If he acted the way you see on TV I'm getting fired hate it
City I never want to step foot in? I'd go just about anywhere Love all cities. (you never know where the LPGA will play next...) I don't think there is one Midland, Texas
Photos by Ethan Miller/Getty Images; Fred Vuich/SI; Getty Images; Rich Kane/Icon SMI

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