November 07, 2007
1 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

OK, so Ashley is dating Lance Armstrong, Mary-Kate is dating Sean Avery and Candace Cameron is married to Valeri Bure. OK, Stephanie Tanner it's your turn to hook up with a professional athlete.

2 Martina Hingis

We've always said Hingis would be a perfect spokesperson for Coke. Unfortunately something got lost in the translation.

3 Kobe Bryant

Despite all the trade talk, we hear KB24 isn't going anywhere this season, especially not when other teams are looking for a bargain. Can you imagine Bryant getting traded for a trio of role players and lottery protected draft picks? Yeah, that squad will be worth watching at $453 for a family of four.

4 Kelly Slater

He may not be our favorite surfer but he's the best rebounder to hit L.A. since Dennis Rodman. Slater is an 8-time world champion surfer but his conquests off the waves are just as impressive, catching the likes of Pam Anderson, Gisele, Cameron Diaz and, now, Bar Rafaeli, after break-ups.

5 Tony Romo

What's the over/under on Romo being spotted at Marquee or Bungalow 8 or Butter or, oh, you get the idea, with any one of his many celebrity girlfriends before the Giants game on Sunday?

6 Robert Goulet

Our favorite singer passed away this week, but we salute him for providing us with some great times. He sang the Canadian national anthem at WrestleMania VI, starred in the best commercials the WWL has ever run and was the inspiration for the funniest sketch SNL has had in years.

7 David Beckham

Becks looked like he was having a good time playing against fellow celebrities for charity at the Home Depot Center. Aside from facing Hollywood's, um, stiffest competition he's also been teaching Snoop Dogg's kids about the beautiful game and watching his wifey strip down in the newest Spice Girl video.

8 Rihanna

Easily our favorite new couple this week, just beating out the odd duo of Joe Pesci and Angie Everhart, is Rihanna and our boy Josh Hartnett. Things are looking up for Hartnett these days; not only does he have Rihanna by his side by he's got Adrian Peterson giving an S.O.S. to his Vikings.

9 Bron Heussenstamm

Forget about Matt Leinart, the new king of L.A.'s nightlife is Bron H., a professional surfer who hosts a weekly talk show with Leinart. In this week's show we find out that Colt Brennan stole Leinart's H.S. girlfriend and that Brennan stuffed batteries in his backpack to protect himself after Leinart told him to watch his back. Pure gold.

10 Duane Chapman

Sorry "Dog," your 15 minutes of fame are officially up. Don't let the door hit you on your leather chaps on the way out.

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