January 30, 2008
1 Tony Romo

Not only is Romo still with Jessica Simpson, he's singing with her on stage at a Metal Skool concert in West Hollywood and dodging the paparazzi outside trendy restaurants with her. Sorry Cowboys fans, we're guessing he isn't buying this whole "Jessica Curse" thing.

2 Tom Brady

Forget about "Boot Gate," "Taped-Ankle Gate" and any other "gate." We're guessing Brady will play in the Super Bowl and cap the greatest season of any player ever for the greatest team ever and celebrate with the hottest girlfriend ever. Anything less will go down as the greatest upset ever.

3 Alyssa Milano

Without Sidney Crosby, the only person keeping the NHL relative these days for the casual fan is Milano. She's apparently become quite the fan, starting up a blog, providing color commentary and will most likely have dated the Detroit Red Wings' front line by the end of the week.

4 Brady Anderson

Blind dates online are rarely a good idea, especially when the girl you're trying to hook up has a friend that that doesn't mind talking about your dating habits on TV and posting your sleazy text messages and ab pictures online.

5 Bushdashian

We're happy for Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian, but enough pictures of you guys making out already. We're starting to feel like the third wheel at dinner with a couple of newlyweds. We get it, you like each other, get over it.

6 Serena Williams

Serena and Common have been a rumored item for a few months now and we finally have video of the couple in the same car together after dinner. As far as celebrity tandem rumors go, that's about as good as it gets.

7 David Beckham

We've always thought Posh Spice would look good naked. In case we needed any confirmation, Becks is wearing a shirt baring his naked wife these days with only a few letters getting in the way of the good stuff.

8 Ines Sainz

Our favorite "sportscaster" was at it again on Super Bowl Media Day. Amazingly the scantily dressed TV Azteca reporter was overshadowed by a woman in a wedding dress, a Spanish-speaking swami, a monkey puppet, a samba instructor, Miss Nevada and Kellie Pickler.

9 Bridgette Wilson

Pete Sampras is selling his 11,000-square-foot home in Beverly Hills for $25 million. Nothing ground breaking there, but it did give us an excuse to post a picture of his wife Bridgette Wilson who stole our hearts in Billy Madison.

10 Lingerie Bowl

Can we throw in the panties on this failed experiment already? For the second year in a row the Lingerie Bowl will not go off and the only thing less surprising than their insistence that it will return (someday) is the lack of interest from fans in paying to see it when it does.

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