July 08, 2008
Pop Culture Hot List
By Arash Markazi
1 Rafael Nadal
It was hard to overcome the Capri pants and do-rag headband early on, but Nadal proved that he's the most complete tennis player we've seen in nearly 30 years by becoming the first player to win both Wimbledon and the French Open in the same year since 1980. His win over Roger Federer was not only a changing of the guard but arguably the greatest tennis match ever.
2 Alex Rodriguez
We wanted to stay away from this one. We really did. It just seemed too good to be true. A-Rod, Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, A-Rod's wife, infidelity, brain washing, divorce papers. The only thing missing is a cameo by Derek Jeter and we're still not ruling that out at this point.
3 C.C. Sabathia
This just in: Milwaukee is also sending a pack of brats and case of PBR for Sabathia. That's the least they can do after stealing the best pitcher on the market for four prospects. Sure, the deal doesn't guarantee the Brewers a spot in the playoffs, but we got a funny feeling it will land them in the NLCS.
4 Forrest Griffin
From the original Ultimate Fighter reality star to the new face of the UFC in a span of three years. We just wish Griffin didn't upset Rampage Jackson and take his Light Heavyweight championship thanks to some controversial scorecards. Our rule of thumb: If the challenger goes the distance with the champion in a fairly even fight he doesn't win the title.
5 Brett Favre
Not that Favre cares, but in case he's wondering, yes, he's ruining his reputation if he comes back to the Packers and stabs Aaron Rogers in the back after he patiently waited in the wings. Do you even need to ask if Favre ends up in another uniform and misses out on the playoffs and plays like he did for the two forgettable years before last season?
6 Williams Sisters
Would it be a stretch to call Serena and Venus the most successful sisters ever in anything? Maybe the Kardashians made a push for a while, but you got to go with the Williams sisters now. "The Tush" can't even compare with Serena in that department. Venus may have beaten Serena to win the Wimbledon singles title this year, but they teamed up to win the doubles crown and have won a combined 15 Grand Slams.
7 Brian Bosworth/Tony Gonzalez
There's nothing like a feel-good story and "The Boz" and Gonzalez provided two of the better ones last week as Bosworth rescued a Calgary woman from a car wreck and Gonzalez saved a choking Chargers fan at a restaurant. Needless to say the Chargers fan is now rooting for the Chiefs and don't tell that woman in Calgary that "The Boz" never stepped up big when the pressure was on.
8 Ana Ivanovic
Our former tennis teacher is on the cover of FHM this month (they're still around?) and while it may not make up for coming up short in Wimbledon in her eyes, it's more than a fair consolation prize for us.
9 Supersonics
Named after the first American supersonic transport, an aircraft which would later be canceled before completion and thought of as a failure, the Supersonics basketball team will be thought of more fondly as they leave Seattle to become the Oklahoma City Something-or-others. We kind of thought the team jumped the shark over a decade ago when it dropped the "Super" from their nickname as if being "super" was a bad thing.
10 Charles Barkley
So you know how Barkley said he's done with gambling this year, saying, "I've got to stop gambling. ... I am not going to gamble anymore," after failing to pay the Wynn a $400,000 debt. Well, apparently he's just "not allowed to gamble for awhile because the media are such jackasses." Yeah, that's why. Like we said before, we're guessing Barkley will be back to losing and failing to pay-up in Sin City by the end of the summer.

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