May 26, 2010
Injury Of The Week
Stingray:: AFP/Getty Images

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Rays infielder Sean Rodriguez was stung by a stingray on Monday.
A Look Into Baseball's Future?
This story was right here on yesterday, but I missed it at first. The SEC is using a play clock at its baseball tournament, which began today. The story states, "Pitchers will have a 20-second limit when nobody's on base and teams will be given 108 seconds to take the field every half-inning. Teams violating the rules will have a ball called against them on the mound. If the batter isn't ready in the box with 5 seconds left, he gets a strike added to the count."
He Even Used "LOL"
Check out how White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen got involved in the LeBron James madness.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley :: Larry Busacca/Getty Images
Ryan, of Los Angeles, says, "Word on the street is Megan Fox was replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Transformers 3. Thus, she should be the LLOD." I agree.
Speaking Of Ozzie Guillen...
The White Sox win over the Indians this afternoon was filled with fireworks. Umpire Joe West called a balk on Mark Buehrle, who then threw his glove, which got him ejected. That led to Guillen arguing and getting tossed. And that led to White Sox announcer going OFF on West. (More details and video here.) Then Ozzie closed the day with these NSFW remarks.
Good News
Starting next season, you can eat the logo of your favorite basketball team.
Random Links
Here's a photo gallery that shows the evolution of Phil Jackson. ... If you want to know the man behind the unique outfits, check out this feature on Craig Sager. ... Diego Maradona says he'll streak through Buenos Aires if Argentina wins the World Cup.
Commercial Of The Day
This commercial for jean diapers is awesome. (Video comes via

Robbers Video Of The Day
Folks, when you rob a convenience store, please don't steal the ATM machine.

Office Video Of The Day
Just a note to the folks at SI: If this happens to me, especially while I'm writing this column for the fine, fine people of Hot Clicks Nation, I will sue like there's no tomorrow.

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