June 23, 2008
The Links
Traditions Fans Love to Hate

USC fans and Song Girls hate the Stanford Tree. :: Kevin Reece/Icon SMI
Sports fans are always bugged by an opposing team's antics, but according to Bleacher Report, these 10 college football traditions annoy more than most. Topping the list is the Stanford Tree, the mere sight of which is morally offensive to opposing fans (and Song Girls).
Skateboarding Across Country
Once again, SIOC is here to put your summer plans in perspective. Two college students are skateboarding 850-miles from Chicago to New York, filming their journey and hoping to turn it into a documentary called Shred America. The two 20-year-olds, who left home on June 2, should be in Times Square in early July.
CWS Update
Cinderella Fresno State knocked of No. 2 UNC and will face Georgia tonight in Game 1 of the CWS.
A Gator Again
Thanks to the Boston Celtics, Al Horford's summer vacation started earlier than he would have liked, but the runner-up NBA rookie of the year is using his time wisely. He's back at the University of Florida working toward completing his degree.
Judge Rules: Duke Sucks

Even the courts agree: Duke football stinks. :: AP
It's not everyday that a legal arbiter uses the "Duke sucks" argument in a ruling. But that's what happened late last week, when a circuit court judge in Kentucky ruled in Duke University's favor in a breach of contract lawsuit brought by the University of Louisville. Duke backed out of a four-game contract with three games remaining, but the judge agreed with the Durham boys -- Duke's football team is so bad, any replacement will do.
All Fear the Crap Cannon
Gone are the dignified days when law enforcement officials pelted protesters with rubber bullets and tear gas. Rumor has it the "crap cannon" (also known as "Brown Note") could make an appearance at the upcoming Democratic Convention in Denver, keeping political activists at bay by making them defecate involuntarily.
Financial Advice of the Day
Recent college grads: Wall Street Fighter knows you love to indulge in large quantities of coffee and beer, but urges you to spend wisely now so you can roll in the dough later.
Coaching Carousel
These faces may not be around the MAC much longer.
Pop Culture Nugget
Kids are firing guns near Johnny Depp's movie set.
Today in Hot Clicks
Celebrities invaded the sports world this weekend ... Luckiest guys in sports ... Sports Movie Slow-Claps ... Paps, Delcarmen sing Milli Vanilli ... Best headlines ... Video: 'Rocky' reenactment ... Weird robbery.
Odds and Ends
The BCS has cost college athletics $4.83 billion ... There'll be no more drinking after UCF football games ... Pac-10 football preview ... Incoming Arizona freshman Brandon Jennings' low SAT scores might send him to Europe.
Videos of the Day
R.I.P. George Carlin

In tribute to legendary comedian George Carlin, who died last night. Put on your headphones ... like all Carlin clips, there are plenty of swears.

Ball Girl Web Gem

Let this be a lesson to minor leaguers everywhere: if you don't hustle to get that foul ball, the ball girl will totally show you up.

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