By Don Banks
October 28, 2009
NFL Power Rankings (cont.)
21 Buffalo Bills
Last Week: 24
Just when all hope looked lost for these Bills, they win at the Jets and at Carolina in back-to-back fashion. In some ways, that's the infuriating part if you're a Buffalo fan. You never know what you can count on from this team. Just win at home against hapless Cleveland two weeks ago and you're 4-3 and very much alive in the AFC East. But no. Too predictable. The Bills have to roll six the hard way.
22 Miami Dolphins
Last Week: 19
We were so fixated on Cedric Benson's revenge against the Bears last Sunday that we neglected to notice that another ex-Longhorn running back who went in the draft's top five also stuck it pretty good to the team that selected him and later dumped him. Let's hear it for NFL survivor Ricky Williams, whose career-best three rushing touchdowns against New Orleans were lost amid the Saints' blizzard of second-half points.
23 Seattle Seahawks
Last Week: 23
Coming off their bye, the injury-prone Seahawks are as healthy as they're likely to be for a while. It's now or never for Seattle. With four of their next five games on the road, starting this week at Dallas, the Seahawks are either going to stand up or completely fade away.
24 Carolina Panthers
Last Week: 24
John Fox has been resolute in standing behind a struggling Jake Delhomme in the past, but I imagine even Fox knows he has to go to the bullpen this time. You don't make the move because the fans and the media think it's time. You bench a starting quarterback when you need to tell the rest of the team you're willing to take whatever steps give you the best shot of winning. At this point in Carolina, that means either A.J. Feeley or Matt Moore.
25 Washington Redskins
Last Week: 26
Kudos to Daniel Snyder for having the guts to appear at midfield Monday night for the pregame Brian Mitchell induction into the team's ring of honor (or whatever they call it in Washington). He had to know it would be ugly. Has any team ever needed a bye quite as much as these Redskins do? If I were Jim Zorn, or anyone in the Redskins organization, I'd get far, far away from anything having anything to do with football this weekend.
26 Oakland Raiders
Last Week: 25
Why is JaMarcus Russell still starting in Oakland? Because Jeff Garcia isn't on the roster any more, that's why. And the next time the Raiders talk about getting fed up with anyone likening one of their games to a "scrimmage," somebody pop in the tape from last Sunday's sleep-walking against the Jets. And to think the New York television market has had to endure two Raiders games in the past three weeks. Oh, the humanity.
27 Detroit Lions
Last Week: 28
Not that there are many such teams in the NFL, but the first step toward improvement in Detroit is for the Lions to beat the teams they should beat. I thought that meant winning in Week 3 at home against Washington, and they did. This week, that means getting the W at Ford Field against the winless Rams. Baby steps? Sure. But progress nonetheless.
28 Kansas City Chiefs
Last Week: 27
Larry Johnson doesn't know it -- and I'm not sure knowledge is one of his strong suits -- but he did Todd Haley and Scott Pioli a favor with his nonsense this week. L.J. gave the Chiefs new head coach and general manager the opportunity to show everyone that it's not going to be business as usual with them around in Kansas City. At some point with every losing franchise, a line in the sand has to be drawn.
29 Cleveland Browns
Last Week: 29
I watched most of the Browns game against Green Bay on Sunday. Here it is Wednesday, and I'm not over it yet. As bad as I thought things were going to be in Cleveland this season after visiting Browns training camp, they're much worse.
30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Last Week: 31
What was that flight home from London like for the Bucs? Maybe eight hours in the air to think about all seven points they scored against New England? It had all the possibilities of a Washington Generals road trip.
31 St. Louis Rams
Last Week: 30
Remember when Marc Bulger actually beat Kurt Warner out of the starter's job in St. Louis? How exactly did that happen? Anybody got a number for Mike Martz?
32 Tennessee Titans
Last Week: 32
The Titans have treated this week's home game against Jacksonville as if it's win-at-all-cost week, closing practices and reverting to a training-camp mentality. Shoot, Jeff Fisher won't even wear his own team's jersey underneath his clothes. We're talking a serious approach. The Jaguars should be downright flattered.
1 - 10 11 - 20 21 - 32

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