April 29, 2009
Wednesday, April 29
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Pistons' Hamilton, Prince to Hornets?
A few league sources whom I respect have said that the Hornets may try to take advantage of Detroit's possible housecleaning this off-season, with their eyes focused on Richard Hamilton or Tayshaun Prince (or both). David West could be part of one of those deals, but it's all speculation at this point. Still, you can't help but wonder if it's time to start over in New Orleans. That's pretty sad when you think about how close the Hornets were to contending last year. (Pro Basketball News)
Hideki Irabu attempting comeback
Hideki Irabu is ready to hit the comeback trail. Seven years since the "fat toad" last pitched in the majors, the former Yankee signed a contract with the Long Beach Armada of the Golden Baseball League, a West Coast independent league out West, according to the team's Web site. "What a treat for our fans," Armada GM Tony Soares said in a story on the Web site. "Jet balloons, hachimakis, and sushi will all be available at Blair Field this year along with a chance to watch a true baseball superstar perform!" Irabu, who will turn 40 before the Armada's season begins, debuted with the Yankees in 1997, won two World Series rings, and lasted eight seasons in the majors. (New York Post)
Ex-Patriot: Belichick is misunderstood
Former Patriots cornerback Ellis Hobbs was a guest on ESPN's "First Take" program today, and ESPN.com. While Hobbs now says his heart is in Philadelphia, he didn't take any parting shots at the Patriots. Instead, in what was one part of the interview that stood out, he unexpectedly jumped to Bill Belichick's defense. After answering a question about how he'd some day like to be an animator for Disney, Hobbs was asked by host Dana Jacobson what type of Disney character Bill Belichick would be. "Bill gets a hard time amongst the media, amongst you guys, and in the public," he said. "If anything, I'd say he's like the Hunchback of Notre Dame without the face and the hunchback. Rough exterior, but he has a kind heart and he means well. He just goes about it differently. ... Everybody has him all wrong." (Boston Globe)
Must-See Photo
Boston's Paul Pierce takes the game-winning shot over Chicago's John Salmons on Tuesday night, giving the Celtics a 3-2 lead in the best-of-seven series. (Brian Babineau/Getty Images)
Must-See Video
In the decisive Game 7, Carolina scores two goals in the last 1:20 to shock New Jersey.
Game To Watch
NBA Playoffs, Round 1, Game 5: Heat at Hawks, 8:00 p.m. ET, TNT.
Miami Heat
Atlanta Hawks
This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Roger Clemens
1892 -- Charlie Reilly is baseball's first pinch hitter.
1961 -- ABC's "Wide World of Sports" debuts.
1985 -- Tony Tubbs TKOs Greg Page in 15th round for heavyweight boxing title.
1986 -- Boston's Roger Clemens strikes out 20 Seattle Mariners.

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