October 30, 2009
Friday, October 30
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Las Vegas wants NBA team for new arena

Las Vegas could be moving down the court a little faster on a 20,000-seat downtown sports arena. That's what Mayor Oscar Goodman said at his weekly press conference, following up on his plans to have the Las Vegas City Council next week look at an exclusive contract with The Cordish Companies to start planning it out. Goodman said he had worked hard to get NBA officials and owners interested in the arena. (Las Vegas Sun) Comment

Weis: Clausen to delay NFL talk

The NFL just wants a yes or no answer eventually, Charlie Weis says. And five more games can do a lot to impact the decision-making process either way. And repeated questions on the subject are bound to be irritating, if not outright distracting. So the Notre Dame coach laid out the plan for discussing an NFL future with junior quarterback Jimmy Clausen: It won't be discussed until the regular season is over. "We're not even going to address the subject until the first week in December," Weis said Thursday night. "We've already addressed the fact that we're not going to address it. So we're just worrying about the next five games, starting with Washington State. First of all, let's see how we play. But we'll revisit it then." (Chicago Tribune) Comment

Did Fisher give in to Titans owner?

Something tells me the decision to start Vince Young was done over Jeff Fisher's most heartfelt protests. As recently as last week, he defended Kerry Collins and made it clear that Collins remained his quarterback of choice. Fisher said he delayed the announcement of Young as his new starter until Thursday "from a competitive standpoint," but I think it cuts deeper. I suspect he used the extra days and hours to try to convince the owner that it was prudent to stick with Collins. Fisher said the decision was made "collectively," a suggestion that a number of opinions were weighed and the consensus was to start Young. (Tennessean) Comment

Must-See Photo
Must-See Photo

North Carolina quarterback T.J. Yates (13) is sacked by Virginia Tech's Nekos Brown (47) during the first half of UNC's 20-17 win.

Must-See Video

And now starting in centerfield, it's ... Jay Z?

This Day in Sports
SI Vault: Brooklyn Dodgers
  • 1919 -- Baseball league presidents call for abolishment of spitball
  • 1956 -- Dodgers sell Ebbets Field to a real estate group. They agree to stay until 1959, with an option to stay until 1961.
  • 1975 -- Giants pitcher John "the Count of" Montefusco wins NL Rookie of Year.

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