May 22, 2009
Friday, May 22
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Manny to defend second substance
Manny Ramirez accepted the suspension based on the indisputable evidence of the prescription. He has not spoken publicly about the matter beyond a statement that noted the suspension was for "a medication, not a steroid" for a "personal health issue." Anti-doping experts say HCG is often taken to raise testosterone levels after a cycle of steroids. Ramirez would not have been subject to another 50-game suspension had he lost an appeal of the positive test, as the matter was evaluated as one case rather than for the possible evidence of two banned substances, according to a source familiar with the proceedings but not authorized to speak publicly about them. Before baseball officials discovered the prescription in his medical files, Ramirez and his representatives had been prepared to argue that the positive test could have been triggered by DHEA, a substance classified as a steroid and banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency but not forbidden under baseball's drug policy or restricted by the federal government.
(Los Angeles Times)
Cowboys shopping linebacker Ellis
The Dallas Cowboys are shopping outside linebacker Greg Ellis, multiple sources told FanHouse on Thursday. Ellis is one of the most trusted defenders the team has, but it would like to push 2007 first-round pick Anthony Spencer into a starting role. Dallas is serious about a potential move because on Thursday, the final day of this week's organized team activities, the team sent Ellis home, not allowing him to practice. The Cowboys did this last year during some OTAs, and coach Wade Phillips said then it was to not wear Ellis down. He turns 34 in August. This week the team held a team meeting with several of its veterans including Tony Romo, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware and Marcus Spears. Ellis, who is tied with left tackle Flozell Adams with the longest tenure on the team, was not invited to the meeting by the coaches. Ellis took that as a sign he might not be wanted.(
Rubio dissing Memphis, Oklahoma City
From what people around the league are saying, Ricky Rubio's camp may already be sending out feelers indicating that he's not interested in the least bit in playing in Memphis. "Rubio doesn't want to go to Memphis, and he especially does not want to pay money out of his own pocket with that huge buyout for the honor of doing so. Fegan [Rubio's agent] wants him in L.A., and if he can't have him there, he wants him in Sacramento. Definitely not Oklahoma City. " Unlike Griffin or Hasheem Thabeet, who don't really have any choice where they will play next season if a team decides to play hardball, Rubio has a reasonably attractive alternative option at his disposal -- returning to Spain. "He'll pull out if he doesn't like what he's hearing," the NBA source tells us. Or he can stay in and force the Grizzlies to call his bluff???would they really take him knowing that he may never come over? That's one way to get him to fall to three.(
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Lakers guard Kobe Bryant (24) found the Nuggets to be aggressive and physical underneath in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. (AP)
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Dwight Howard does more than just Tweet.
Game To Watch
Magic vs. Cavaliers, 8:30 p.m ET. Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals.
Orlando Magic
Cleveland Cavaliers
This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Riddick Bowe
1957 -- Red Sox set American League record by smashing four home runs in sixth inning in 11-0 win.
1977 -- Red Sox (six) and Brewers (five) tie single game home run record of 11.
1993 -- Riddick Bowe TKOs Jesse Ferguson in 2 for heavyweight boxing title.

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