July 31, 2008
By Andy Gray
One Reason to Watch Women's Golf
Natalie Gulbis :: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

With the Women's British Open in full swing, Popcrunch has compiled the 50 hottest female golfers of all time. For no other reason than the picture above, we're rooting for Natalie Gulbis.

The New England Patriots Dirt Sheet

We'll say up front that we have no idea how accurate this is, but it sure is juicy. An ex-Patriots employee spills the beans on everything from Corey Dillon's personality (let's just say he's not so charming) to the existence of a Bill Belichick sex tape. No, you did not misread that.

Jason Giambi is No. 1

Why else would he be holding up his middle finger while running to first base after a single?

Barry Switzer, TV Star
Barry Switzer :: Rich Clarkson/SI

That's right, everyone's favorite football coach is moving to the small screen. Switzer is set to star as himself in an upcoming episode of Saving Grace.

Six Degrees of Derek Jeter

Forget Kevin Bacon. The World of Issac masterfully demonstrates how every athlete in the world can be tied to Derek Jeter through his many Hollywood flings.

Top 10 Dirt Bike/Skateboard/Bike Accidents

In honor of the X-Games, which start tonight, Don Chavez has a bunch of videos of people taking spills.

The 50 Hottest Women Sword Fighters

We think that any women carrying a sword is hot, but Only Knives has ranked the 50 hottest.

Laker Girls Can't Spell

That headline may be a tad unfair -- after all, they are being asked to spell "Vujacic."

What the Funk?

After playing 17 hours of poker, a New York City man was booted from an Atlantic City casino because he smelled terrible.

Campus Clicks
Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Mark Paul Gosselaar :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images : Michael Buckner/Getty Images

The move to college killed these 10 TV shows ... The team and player to watch per conference ... Rey Maualuga likes to practice in a pink thong.

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Michael Jordan at 45

Even in his mid-40s, Michael Jordan is still talking trash.

This Can't Be Safe

We're still a few years away from fatherhood, but we don't think this is a good idea.

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