October 18, 2012
Shut Up, Shannon
Shannon Sharpe :: Peter Read Miller/SI

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During his 12-year career as a tight end for the Broncos and Ravens, Shannon Sharpe earned a reputation as one of the most outspoken players in the league. The act has carried over to his position as NFL analyst on CBS, but not everyone is a fan. Last Sunday, Sharpe described Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers as selfish and said Green Bay's receivers don't like playing for him. Rodgers responded today on ESPN Wisconsin's Jason Wilde's radio show, saying "Anybody can have an opinion about anything regardless of how stupid it might be, or uninformed."
Kevin Garnett > Kevin Love
Kevin Love has become the Timberwolves' team leader over his four years with the team, and the city's most popular baller since Kevin Garnett. But perhaps Love tried too hard to emulate his predecessor. The Minnesota center will miss 4-6 weeks after breaking his hand doing bare knuckle pushups. Garnett famously (and without injury) did his own bare knuckle pushups in the middle of the Eastern Conference Finals last season against Miami. Of course, nothing beats the knuckle pushups from the training sequence in Best of the Best (2:28 mark of this video).
The Other Peyton Manning
Life isn't easy for 14-year-old Peyton Manning, a Colorado resident who shares the same name as Denver's quarterback.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Birte Glang :: Mathis Wienand/Getty Images
My original plan was to make Maria Menounos today's LLOD in honor of her finding and rescuing three dogs wandering around the San Fernando Valley. But Tyrant Jimmy nixed her because he's already featured her a million times. So onto Plan B: German model Birte Glang, who has never appeared in Hot Clicks. Sorry, Maria.
Prank Wars, College Edition
Oregon and Arizona State meet tonight to start the college football weekend and Oregon has already scored before the game even begun. A group of students painted the "A" on Tempe's A Mountain green. Your move, ASU.
Vice Presidents and Their Spotty Sports Memory
Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan got into trouble in August when he claimed to have completed a marathon in less than three hours. Now it appears Vice President Joe Biden has been caught in a fib about his athletic accomplishments, telling a crowd of supporters in Athens, Ohio that he last visited the town as a member of the Delaware football team in 1963. Unfortunately for Biden, he attended the game as a fan, not a player.
Random Links
Deron Williams isn't afraid to make fun of his teammates ... Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder found Preparation-H in the locker room of teammate Matt Kalil, and then tweeted a photo of it to the entire world ... Dancing Gangnam Style has cured Dwight Howard's aching back.
A-Rod Video Of The Day
People can criticize Alex Rodriguez for hitting on a fan in the stands but nobody can question his taste. Here's the apple of A-Rod's eye, Australian bikini model Kyna Treacy, in a commercial for Air Pacific.

Feel-Good Video Of The Day
UMass walk-ons football players Rob O'Connor and Daniel Maynes were given full scholarships by coach Charley Molnar, but that's not what they were expecting when two state police officers interrupted a team meeting to give them the news (the feel-good part comes after the prank).

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