January 07, 2013
Johnny B. Good?
Johnny Manziel :: Jackson Laizure/Getty Images

Johnny Manziel sitting courtside at a Mavs-Heat game celebrating at a club flashing a wad of cash We're not saying especially if gal pal Sarah Savage is involved
Notre Dame-Alabama Preview
Holly Anderson has answers to just about any question you could come up with A.J. McCarron has plenty of shoe options have Notre Dame and Alabama really won? Alabama and Notre Dame cheerleaders Top 15 BCS Championship performances Nick Saban blocked his players from watching ESPN He says no Just ask Ron Jaworski
The Most Hated Sportswriter in Boston
Boston Globe Dan Shaughnessy is not well-liked person among Boston sports fans Arian Foster The running back actually used anti-Texans quotes from the writer's story as his Twitter avatar
Lovely Ladies Of The Day
Leslie Nelson and Angela Britani :: Courtesy of Athlon Sports

Leslie Nelson Angela Britani
Gross Injury Alert
Christian Ponder Star Tribune tweeted this rather disgusting image
Score One For South Carolina
this "Beware of Clowney" sign
Little Coco
Caden Crisp who rocks an afro and gold chain in this photo He may have passed Chris Paul
Defensive Introduction Of The Day
Jared Allen Idaho State is thrilled.

Poignant Video of the Day
Andy Murray Ross Hutchins,

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