January 07, 2010
Championship Breakdown
Alabama fans, Texas cheerleaders :: Getty Images/Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography

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Even though the BCS has more flaws than Tiger Woods has mistresses (thanks, I'll be here all night!), there is a title game tonight between unbeaten teams. And sure, we'd all like to see the Texas-Alabama winner play Boise State, but a champion will be crowned nonetheless. For the nuts and bolts information about the game, I suggest you check out SI.com's college football page. Our coverage is led by Stewart Mandel, who is doing battle with an orangutan. As for the important information regarding the matchup, here's what you need to know: 1) Underdogs are 22-10 in covering the spread this bowl season. (It could be 23-10 depending on what line someone got on the Penn State-LSU game.) So you may want to think twice before backing Alabama. 2) Holy Taco gives us a look at some female fans from each school. 3) Co-Ed Magazine pits the Longhorn cheerleaders vs. the Crimson Tide Cheerleaders.
Lookalike Of The Day
With Andre Dawson getting elected to baseball's Hall of Fame yesterday, Dave of Center Valley, Pa., couldn't help but notice something. He said, "Jimmy, check out this picture of Andre Dawson. Doesn't he look like Detective Murtaugh (aka Danny Glover) in Lethal Weapon?
A+ For A-Rod
If the Miami Herald is accurate, Alex Rodriguez has done a solid job in moving on from Kate Hudson.
Read This Quickly
Gilbert Arenas :: Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images
I say read this quickly because the Gilbert Arenas story continues to move at a rapid pace. Before getting to the newest details, here's the story on how the NBA tried to get the photo above, from Tuesday night's Sixers-Wizards game, taken off the World Wide Web. As for Arenas, a Washington Post story has sources that claim he was actually trying to cover for teammate Javaris Crittenton, who had his own loaded gun in the locker room. Oh, and on top of all this, Arenas is featured in a new PETA ad.
Broadcasting's Best?
Fanhouse has posted its Super 7 Announcing Awards, in which it recognizes the seven best of 2009 in seven different categories. If you disagree with the choices -- and I know you will -- don't e-mail me. E-mail them. Remember, I'm not the one who is saying that Joe Morgan is the second-best analyst in all of sports.
Sports Video Of The Day
It's not at all surprising that LeBron would hit a shot from behind the backboard, but it's still cool to watch.

Mariah Carey Video Of The Day
The Internet is abuzz that Mariah Carey might be intoxicated in video in which she accepts some award. Personally, I'm amazed anyone thinks they could tell the difference between drunk Mariah and sober Mariah.

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