December 06, 2011
Don't Ever Show Excitement!
Matt Owens

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Check out the ridiculous taunting penalty called on quarterback Matt Owens that helped cost Boston Cathedral High (Mass.) a Division 4A Super Bowl win this past weekend.
We've All Been There
Orlando Magic CEO Bob Vander Weide is leaving the team after drunk-dialing Dwight Howard to tell the superstar how much he wants him to stay with the organization.
Good Fight
Some members of Hot Clicks Nation may remember the name John Steigerwald. He's the Pennsylvania sports columnist who blamed Giants fan Bryan Stow for being put in a coma by a Dodgers fan because Stow wore a San Francisco jersey to a game in L.A. Over the weekend, Steigerwald wrote a column in which he speculated about Capitals star Alex Ovechkin using performance-enhancing drugs. That led to Puck Daddy columnist Ryan Lambert writing a blog post in which he blasted Steigerwald. And that led to Steigerwald having Lambert on his radio show today to confront him, which made for very entertaining radio.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Alessia Piovan :: AP
Italian model Alessia Piovan gets today's LLOD honors.
Fashion Disasters
This is a great look at the many fashion faux pas's committed by college basketball coaches.
Today On Twitter
Maple Leafs forward Tyler Bozak made a play for Kate Upton yesterday, got a response, and kept the pursuit going. ... Marlins outfielder Mike Stanton posted video of teammate Brett Hayes doing the "Evolution of Dance" at the catcher's recent wedding. ... Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith offered some advice about the opposite sex.
Giveaway Of The Day
Cowboys and Aliens :: HBO
I have five Blu-Rays copies of Cowboys and Aliens to giveaway. The first five people to e-mail me ( the answers to these questions, which come from recent editions of Hot Clicks, win the DVDs.

1. Nickleback is embroiled in a feud with what Major League pitcher?

2. What two songs did "Drunken Tom" dance to?

3. The "Green Men' used a naked cutout of which NHL player to taunt an opponent?

UPDATe: 4:35 p.m.: Contest is over. Winners have been e-mailed.
Commercial/Product Of The Day
If you have a Facebook account (join the Hot Clicks Facebook group) check out this new invention that could be a life-changer. (Thanks to Richard Walsh, of Atlanta, for the link.)

Parody Video Of The Day
If you've watched TV at all over the past couple of weeks, you've seen promos for the upcoming movie New Year's Eve, which features every actor and actress in Hollywood. is having some fun at the film's beefy cast.

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