June 21, 2011
To Trough Or Not To Trough?
Wrigley Field Trough

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I don't want to ramble on too much about my trip to Chicago, but I have a few things to mention. Obviously, if you're a baseball fan and you haven't been to Wrigley Field, you have to get there at least once in your lifetime. I recommend the following: Hang out at The Sports Corner Bar & Grill before the game. Stay at Hotel Felix downtown. Try an alcoholic milkshake at Hamburger Mary's. Do karaoke at the Blue Frog Bar & Grill. Now back to Wrigley Field. One of the few negatives about the stadium (in my opinion) is that the men's rooms do not have urinals; they have troughs. I mentioned this on Twitter Saturday and was amazed by how many people responded with a pro-trough stance. Most folks who defended the trough used the argument that it's efficient and helps eliminate a wait to use the facilities. I still say using a trough is barbaric, so I'm putting this to a Hot Clicks Nation vote. (As for the picture above, many folks on Twitter also questioned my sanity for taking a photo in the men's room. I snapped the pic at the very end of the men's room where no one was standing, As you can see, no male organs are showing and the photo has zero chance of ending up on Deadspin.

Speaking Of Taking Photos In The Men's Room...
Someone recently snapped a photo of this Cardinals fan. Or is he a Royals fan? Either way, the jersey is ridiculous.
Latest Ozzie Guillen Meltdown
The White Sox skipper got tossed during last night's game against the Cubs after arguing a call and kicking Geovany Soto's catcher's mask a good distance. The best part of the clip is Soto laughing at Guillen's antics.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Alison Haislip :: Esquire.com
Alison Haislip is a correspondent on G4's Attack of the Show and NBC's The Voice. She's also the latest celebrity to be featured in Esquire.com's ongoing "Me In My Place" series.
Cleaning Out The Inbox
I have a lot of good stuff -- some old, some new -- that filled up my inbox while I was on vacation. I'm going to unloaded them here in quick-hitting, bullet form for your enjoyment.

* An older woman couldn't keep her eyes off a shirtless Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon yesterday.

* The Texas Rangers Class-AAA affiliate (Round Rock) made their own version of Rebecca Black's Friday to promote Fireworks Night.

* "Philly also has demented sports fans." That is one of the lines used in a new Taiwanese animation news video about the city of Philadelphia.

* Chicago's Daily Herald newspaper had a major gaffe in its coverage of Rory McIlroy's U.S. Open win.

* TMZ doesn't know the difference between LeBron James and Greg Oden.
A New Sports Blog
Hot Clicks favorite, Jaime Edmondson, has started her own sports blog for Playboy.com. One of the features is a Home Run Derby game in which she and an opponent pick three MLB players to go head to head for a week in a battle of homers. Her first opponent just happens to be me. If you want to check it out, just be warned that the link goes to Playboy.com, so it's NSFW. Here you go. And if you can't click on that link for obvious reasons, here's a SFW video of Edmondson talking about her blog.
Sports Video Of The Day
Members of the Indians bullpen recently visited the MLB Fan Cave and channeled their inner Ocean's 11.

David Letterman Video Of The Day
Cameron Diaz appeared on last night's Late Show with David Letterman. She talked about A-Rod and fed Dave popcorn.

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