December 16, 2010
David Lee :: Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images

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Warriors forward David Lee got tangled up with Wilson Chandler of the Knicks during a November game and the result was Lee's elbow knocking out one of Chandler's teeth. However, as a result of Chandler's choppers coming in contact with Lee's elbow, Lee ended up with an infection. That infection is still hampering Lee and after seeing the picture, it's easy to understand why. Before you click on the photo, I have to warn you that this is one of the grossest things you'll ever see so hopefully you're not eating while you're Hot Clicking. Anyway, here it is.
Bet German Sheppard
Michael Vick has caused some waves by saying he'd like to own a dog. The gambling website (yes, BoDOG) has now offered odds on what type of dog Vick will own. (*Must own a dog by December 31 2012 for wagers to have action)

Pit Bull: 1/1
Bulldog: 2/1
Labrador: 5/1
Golden Retriever: 6/1
German Shepherd: 7/1
Poodle: 25/1
Chihuahua: 30/1

Machine's Memorable Moments
Guard Sasha Vujacic was traded yesterday from the Lakers to the Nets. You might not think that's a big deal, but after seeing this piece from on Vujacic's biggest fails as a Laker, you'll realize Vujacic had quite the ride in L.A.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Alison Waite :: Joey Foley/Getty Images
Kent, of Eagle, Idaho, says, "Hey, Jimmy, every day while I'm working (when I say working, I mean playing poker on Facebook) there is a well deserving candidate for the LLOD who is the spokesperson for the site. After some research, her name is Alison Waite. Might be a good idea to make her LLOD soon." That request gets granted based on the fine choice and the amusing e-mail.
Throw It Down!
An Oregon high school basketball player shatters the backboard with this dunk.
Bizarre Items
Could the latest Snuggie knockoff to take off be the Fuggie? ... Speaking of Snuggies, Andrew Hernandez, of Houston, let's us know that Ray Lewis has his own version of the absurd blanket for sale. ... Franklin Young, of Houston, says Easyfeet marks a low point for American society. ... On the opposite end of the spectrum, every guy should invest in the the woman language translator.
Sports Video Of The Day
This video made the rounds while I was off earlier this week. Each year Taylor University holds a "Silent Night" game. The entire crowd wears pajamas and they don't make a sound until the 10th point of the game is scored. Here's a clip from this year's game, which took place last week.

Play-By-Play Video Of The Day
A Fox College Sports sideline reporter had a high school football player take over the play-by-play for a game last Friday night. And right on cue, he got to call a touchdown.

Song Of The Day
Antoine Dodson's Bed Intruder song has now been turned into a Christmas carol by Liberty University.

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