June 01, 2011
Thanks For The Memories
Shaquille O'Neal :: Focus On Sport/Getty Images

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Shaquille O'Neal announced his retirement today -- via Twitter (with the help of a brief video). The Diesel played 19 seasons, won the Rookie of the Year, an MVP award, made 15 All-Star teams and won four NBA titles. More important than all that -- for Hot Clicks purposes -- he has been one of the more entertaining athletes throughout his career. (And I was fortunate enough to interview O'Neal last November.) Here are his top 10 quotes. Here's a look at rare Shaq photos. And here's his greatest "Internet moment" -- a little song for Kobe Bryant.
Cursing Is All The Rage
Matt D., of Tempe, Ariz., sends in this clip from Monday's Diamondbacks game in which an Arizona player let a big F-bomb fly. The best part, though, is the announcer casually apologizing for it. ... Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger didn't realize he was on the air during a radio interview and unleashed several expletives. ... Jimmy Johnson's crew chief Chad Knaus dropped a big F-bomb during the Coca Cola 600.
This Will Tug At Your Heartstrings
A solider not only surprised his girlfriend at Monday's Royals game -- he also proposed. (Kellen Boerger, of Elk River, Minn., for the link.)
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Amalie Wichmann :: David Livingston/Getty Images
Several readers have written in to ask that I make Danish model Amalie Wichmann the LLOD. Today is that day.
More Fallout From The Lockout
Chargers defensive back Bob Sanders is selling his 2008 GMC Yukon on eBay. (Thanks to by Dan, of Arlington, Va., for the link.)
Another Athlete Wedding Registry E-Mail
Continuing on the theme started in yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks, Alan of Tennessee, says, "Add me to the group of loyal Hot Clicks readers who have forsaken some of their personal income for the betterment of the lives of famous people with regard to their nuptials. Back in 2003 when the WWF's Triple H married Stephanie McMahon (for real), my buddy Mike Sabbatelli and I forked over a combined $25 for a cake pan for those crazy kids from their registry we found on Williams-Sonoma's website. The thought of Stephanie slaving over a hot oven to prepare a delicious pineapple upside down cake for Triple H warmed our hearts tremendously. On a side note, we wondered if the Undertaker ended up getting them that food processor they had listed on the registry. That thing was pricey, but, hey, 'Taker could afford it. And how thoughtful it was a few months later when we received a hand written personal note from the new Mrs. Stephanie McMahon-Levesque thanking us for the fabulous gift. In fact, that exact note was unearthed just last month when Mike moved from Pittsburgh to Chicago. He called me to tell me he had found it and we again reminisced about the fact that Stephanie had probably prepared many wondrous cakes with that pan since that fateful day we purchased it back in 2003. Many happy returns to them. Twisted and demented we are but thoughtful we is, too!"
Today On Twitter...
Knicks forward Landry Fields isn't happy about having to pay for barbecue sauce. ... Steelers linebacker (and Michigan alum) Lamar Woodley is loving the Jim Tressel situation. ... Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips wants you to order your own damn food!
Sports Video Of The Day
Tbone, of Sandefjord, Norway, says, "Jimmy, you have to make reference to the Jets officially moving back to Winnipeg! Here's a great video."

Mash-Up Video Of The Day
Here's nearly 12 minutes of the 100 greatest movie threats of alltime. (Warning: Video contains very strong language.)

Food Video Of The Day
I can't figure out what's more interesting: The meal that gets cooked, or the exchange with the McDonald's worker at the drive-thru window. (Thanks to Justin, of Baltimore, for the link.)

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