January 15, 2010
Signal Callers Satired
Quarterbacks :: Getty Images

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Here's a playoff preview like no other. Pyle of List is looking at the quarterbacks that will be in action this weekend and giving you reasons why you should hate each one. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
I'll Get Right To The Point
Junior Seau castrates a horse.
Never A Dull Moment
We're only halfway into January, but it's already been a big month for sports WAGs. Bleacher Report explains it all.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Amanda Righetti :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Eric, of Dexter, Mo., e-mailed after yesterday's giveaway and said, "Made a donation to the Red Cross on behalf of your contest. I was going to do it anyway, but after seeing your Peyton Manning contest, it pushed me to do it now. Big fan of him and your blog. Keep up the good work." Since I appreciate Eric donated to the Haiti relief effort, I let him pick the Lovely Lady of the Day. He went with underrated TV actress Amanda Righetti. It's a fine choice because Righetti is very attractive and because she was on The O.C,. and that allows me to post its awesome theme song.

As for the original point of Eric's e-mail, if you'd like to donate anyting to the Haiti relief effort this weekend, check out Save Haiti Saturday for information.
Mystery Woman
Steve S., of Pittsburgh, asks, "Jimmy, who on earth is Denise from Taco Bell? Very nearly a Minka Kelly clone! If anyone can get to the bottom of this mystery, you can!" First off, let's not get crazy comparing anyone to Minka. Second of off, I'm not skilled enough to get the bottom of something like this, but Thunder Treats is.
Product Of The Day
I'm not sure what's more creative, the item, or the name of the item. (Thanks to Jake Knadle, of St. Paul, Minn., for the link.)
Sports Video Of The Day
I'm all for announcers laughing when someone injures themselves because they did something stupid. (Thanks to Hamed Almajed, of Bahrain).

Real Or Fake Video Of The Day
Can a chocolate record really play music?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Video Of The Day
Here's the deal: This really isn't the video I wanted to post. The video I wanted to post would probably get me in trouble with the higher up at SI.com. But if you search "Jennifer Love Hewitt on George Lopez Show," you'll find the video everyone keeps asking me to post. In the meantime, enjoy this one.

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