July 22, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
American Wagrivia
Lisa Dergan :: StuffMagazine.com

That's the title of this post from Epic Carnival, which tests your knowledge of American WAGS with 20 hard-hitting trivia questions. For example, you should know which baseball player is married to Fox Sports Net's Lisa Dergan, who is shown above and here. (Thanks to Matt, of Danbury, Conn., for sending us the link.)

So Many Smiths

The Big Picture needs your help with a big project. It wants to name every Smith in sports.

Return Of The Fade

JoeSportsFan.com is very excited that Brandon Jennings is bringing back the high fade. They're so excited, they're offering this detailed look back at the popular hair style.

Hankering For Holliday

How bad does Flatusyahu.com want the Phillies to trade for Matt Holliday? It's listing all the things it would give up to get the Rockies slugger.

Rawson Unplugged

The LPGA's Anna Rawson talks about wanting an attractive female caddie, her desire to be in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and more in this Q&A.

Fun With Photos

Did the Washington Monarch's mascot get a little excited? Warning: Link contains strong language) ... Which Major League player looks like The Cosby Show's Elvin Tibideaux? ... Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit has an interesting way of motivating his pitcher.

Awesomely Bad

Yesterday, we linked to an item on the wimpiest team names in sports. That prompted Brian, of Rochester, Minn., to write in and tell us about this high school, whose teams are called the Awesome Blossoms. What's even more embarrassing than that was when we read the e-mail, this was the first thing we thought of.

Campus Clicks
Uga, Ralphie :: AP, Scott Quintard/Icon SMI

Top 10 mascots ... Va. Tech players strip for the ladies ... Eight fastest players in college football ... Unofficial Cheerleader Showdown ... Video: College Colors Day.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Via FanIQ comes this short clip of Formula 1 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen being a jerk.

Rambunctious Little Girl Video Of The Day

What do you do when you want a stuffed animal that's inside one of those claw games? You climb inside the machine. (Thanks to Paul Panning, of Noblesville, Ind., for sending us the link.) And for another version of this video, set to some music, click here.

Cheese Video Of The Day

We can't figure out if this video is funny, disturbing, lame or cheesy. (Thanks to Tim LaBerge, of Minneapolis, for sending us the link.)

Catfight Video Of The Day

In honor of the Danica Patrick-Milka Duno dust up, this seemed appropriate.

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