August 19, 2010
Athletes Gone Viral
Kobe Bryant jumps over Astor Martin

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To piggyback on the Roger Federer video that was in Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks, here is a solid recap of famous athlete viral ads.
Quiz Time
Here's a fun test from Mental Floss. They give you two pitchers, you have to pick the one that has won a Cy Young Award.
You're Never Too Old To Learn
Vin Scully talked about Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki's mullet during last night's Dodgers-Rockies game. Scully explains how he had no idea what a mullet was and had to "go on the computer" to find out it was a hairstyle.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Andreea Mantea ::
Andreea Mantea is a Romanian TV host and model. She's also today's LLOD.
Random Links
Chad Ochocinco Tweeted out this funny and arguably NSFW picture this afternoon. ... In case you missed it over the weekend, Aerosmith performed at Fenway Park, and did a song from the top of the Green Monster. ... Season 1 of Friday Night Lights starts airing on ABC Family on Sept. 7.
The very funny comedian (Mike Polk), who created the Cleveland Tourism videos that have been featured in Hot Clicks, has finally weighed in with a LeBron James song. However, due to graphic language and a couple of other issues, I can't link to it here on If you want to see it, search my Twitter page or YouTube. Most importantly, I do know about it, so all of you awesome people in Hot Clicks Nation can stop e-mailing it to me.
SI Vault Photo Of The Day
North Carolina's Rasheed Wallace throws down a MONSTER dunk on the Dukies.
Hulk Hogan Video Of The Day
Alex Esposito, of Aurora, Ontario, says, "I know you love '80s wrestling and cheesy '80s music videos, and, well, this is just the best of both worlds. It's the best thing I think I've ever seen. If I don't see this on Hot Clicks I may stop visiting the site, simply because if you don't, everything leading up to this has been a fraud."

Bike Collision Video Of The Day
If this happened in New York City, it ends in a fist fight. In Seattle, it ends like this. (Thanks to Richard, of Seattle, for the video.)

Frisky Cat Video Of The Day
I have a million jokes to use here, but if I use them I'll get fired. So just check out this cat who fixates on one particular body part.

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