August 19, 2009
By Andy Gray
Some Comebacks We'd Like To See
Anna Benson
Anna Benson :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI
Brett Favre announced his 211th comeback yesterday, and we're sure all 14 of his remaining fans are excited. It did, however, get me to thinking of some other comebacks I'd love to see, including Arrested Development (both the band and TV show), GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), Chevy Chase, Craig Kilborn, that game show with the Whammys, Bill Parcells as a coach (just for his training camp outfits), Bill Walton announcing NBA games and the lovely Anna Benson. It's also worth mentioning that Jimmy, who is off today, is gung ho about Britney Spears' comeback and definitely would have linked to her appearance reading Dave Letterman's Top 10 list in a bikini last night.
Speaking Of Favre

In case Vikings fans are wondering what they'll get out of their old Wrangler-wearin' gunslinger, has compiled some of Favre's greatest interceptions. Meanwhile, Jeremy G., of San Diego, sent in this music video wondering whether the Vikings will suck this year, and frankly, it's a pretty catchy tune.

More Love For Cooley

Chris Cooley has long been a Hot Clicks favorite, mostly because he has a good sense of humor and a hot wife, and he gave us one of the most unintentionally funny moments of the last year. But we're going to give props to his brother, Tanner, who runs Chris' awesome blog and has a good-looking wife of his own.

Nate The Not-So-Great
nate Robinson
Nate Robinson :: Robert Beck/SI

Nate Robinson was arrested yesterday for driving without a license. Turns out his license was suspended in June for the fifth time in 14 months, quite an impressive number. Even more amazing is Robinson's Twitter feed with messages about the ordeal. At first, he said, "Cops pulled me over cuz my windows were 2 dark (but my windows were down) lol how funny is that." Then, we're guessing he spoke to his agent, who reminded him that an arrest doesn't look too good when you're a free agent looking for a new contract. He soon reversed course and tweeted, "I was irresponsible earlier when I tweeted about being pulled over," and "I apologize to the Knicks, my family and fans" followed up by "I also want to thank the NYPD especially the arresting officer. He was fair and helped process me quickly." So any NBA teams looking for a shoot-first, 5-foot-9 point guard who can't hang onto a driver's license, Robinson is your man.

Move Over, Lady Gaga

South African runner Caster Semenya is the newest sensation on the women's track circuit. The only question is whether she's actually a woman or a man.

Random Links

Liquid Generation has compiled the top 10 celebrity wipeouts. ... Manofest has a nice collection of babies looking like gangsters. ... is just plain weird. ... So is this picture.

New Items Added To Facebook

When I'm not filling in on Hot Clicks, I run's awesome Vault section. But the real fun is the Vault's Twitter feed, which includes pics of former basketball stars in hot tubs, Magic Johnson as a Michigan State student and baseball players smoking cigarettes in the dugout. If you miss Jimmy, you can see what he's up to (waiting for DirecTV to be installed in his palatial Long Island estate) by following his Twitter feed. And if you're really bored, check out the Hot Clicks Facebook group.

Not Quite Patriotic Video Of The Day
If you're asked to sing God Bless America in front of a stadium full of fans, you may want to learn the words.
Driver Of The Day
If parallel parking were a sport, this would be the future Tiger Woods.
Doggie Video Of The Day
In case you are the laziest dog owner in the world, this contraption will allow you to never pick up after your pooch again.
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