June 19, 2008
The Links
Golden Gophers on the Silver Screen

Minnesota's cheerleaders are making their movie debut. :: Ron Scheffler/US PRESSWIRE
Minnesota's recently graduated cheerleaders may not be on campus any more, but take heart: they can be seen shaking their pom-poms this fall in Killer Movie, a "live-action Scooby Doo" type-film.
You Should Date Michael Beasley
Ladies, NBA prospects are young, fit and poised to become filthy rich. OTR thinks these eight are the most eligible bachelor's of 2008's draft class.
Build a Bigger Stadium
Nearly 30 percent of Penn State's junior class will have to gaze adoringly at Joe Pa's oversized glasses from their common room TVs this season. The school has a new student ticket distribution system, and the tickets allotted to the juniors sold out in 90 seconds. In contrast, the senior tickets lasted for nine hours.
Daily CWS Update
Stanford beat Miami 8-3, which means for the ninth-straight year the top overall seed will not win the national championship.
Avery Survives Vogue

Do the real Vogue girl look as good as Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt? :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
While your internships are just getting started, Sean Avery's internship at Vogue is over already. The NY Rangers star made it out alive and says he hopes notorious editor Anna Wintour will ask him back next summer. We wonder if Wintour's real life assistants are as cute as their cinematic representations, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt.
Hug a Tree
Three people who have long protested Berkeley's plans to tear down a grove of old oak trees in order to build a new sports training complex were arrested Wednesday, but Dumpster Muffin, the person said to have been living in the trees for the last 18 months, was not one of them. Puzzling.
Strap on Your Beer
Nothing says "classy" like a sports bra filled with wine or a strapped on stomach loaded with beer, so for our 21-and-over readers, we direct you to Beer Belly Cooler.
Not Good Enough for Cinci
Some were surprised when the Ravens named John Harbaugh head coach, but few were probably as surprised as the folks at the University of Cincinnati, who turned him down twice for the head coaching spot.
Pop Culture Nugget
50 Cent's baby mama claims the rapper tried to kill her and their son.
Today in Hot Clicks
Help discover Stewart Mandel's Mailbag Crush ... Must-see eBay item ... Obnoxious traditions ... Silver linings for Randolph ... Famous men who cry ... Video: Celtic fan shows support ... Is that Britney?
Odds and Ends
Photos of The Big House renovation ... Kansas has a new Mario ... The Big East and the Texas Bowl have parted ways ... A scholarship has been created in Heath Ledger's honor ... The economy is struggling, but college football coaches continue to rake it in.
Videos of the Day
Musical Graduation Speech

The thing missing from most speeches? An accompanying keyboardist.

Funny Graduation Musical Speech - Watch more free videos
Singing Dog

Who's a better singer, the kid in the previous video or this dog, Louie?

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