April 20, 2010
Epic Rain Delay Theatre
Florida Atlantic, Western Kentucky

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Florida Atlantic and Western Kentucky weren't going to let a rain delay last Friday stop them from having in fun. In fact, they pulled out every single stop imaginable during the downtime. I could describe all the antics, but it would ruin things for you. Just stop what you're doing and watch this. (Thanks to Kenneth R., of Murfreesboro, Tenn., for the link.)
Impressive Control
I meant to include this in today's A.M. Hot Clicks. Here's the most amazing stat from that six-hour-and-53-minute 20-inning marathon the Mets and Cardinals played on Saturday: Times play-by-play man Kenny Albert used the men's room during the game: ZERO.
Strange Stipulations.
Mental Floss has a very amusing look at 19 weird clauses in baseball contracts.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
April Rose :: Tim Boyles/Getty Images
Reader Joe Prisco, says, "Jimmy, I am a regular follower of the page and finally have something to add. Being a native Chicago area guy that gets WGN to remind me of home now that I have moved away, I've always wondered who the hot woman is that co-hosts WGN's Movie Night In America. It turns out it is April Rose. She is a model who has also done some TV work in the Chicago area. I don't remember if you have ever featured her, but here is her Maxim.com spread." A quick check of Rose's bio reveals she's also done some sports work, which makes her a perfect fit for the LLOD.
Fun With Photos
TheChive.com has put together this gallery of fans going wild.
Creepiest Thing You'll See Today
This went around the blogosphere last week, but I didn't get a chance to check it out until today, which is a good thing because it's been removed from YouTube. Anyway, check out the creepiest game show host you'll ever see (who later went on to become a Toronto Blue Jays sideline reporter). Thanks to Glenn MacDonald, of Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada, for the link.
Infomercial Music Video Of The Day
Since awful commercials are a staple of Hot Clicks, I had to post this video, titled "As Seen on TV: A Tribute To Doing It Wrong."

Candle Video Of The Day
Hot Clicks turns 3 years old this Friday. I'm totally getting this candle for the cake.

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