May 17, 2012
Another First Pitch Disaster
Gary Sinise :: AP

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Add actor Gary Sinise to the long list of celebrities who cannot throw a baseball from the pitching mound to home plate.
Today's Diamondback-Rockies game was interrupted by bees -- lots of bees.
This Seems Reasonable
Everybody likes to move down into better seats when attending a sporting event. It's a rite of passage. One Mets fan who pulled the move on Wednesday night, however, ended up getting arrested. Oh, and the kicker? The guy was an off-duty cop!
Lovely Lady Of The Day
April Rose :: Michael Stewart/Getty Images
Brandon, of Marietta, Ga., says, "Just make April Rose the LLOD. I thank you." I always enjoy a short and sweet e-mail that has an excellent suggestion, so model and TV host April Rose gets today's LLOD honors.
For The WWE Fans
The company announced today that starting July 23, Monday Night Raw will permanently become three hours long. Here's a look back at the first ever Monday Night Raw from 1993.
I Only Fly Jet Blue, But This Is Cool
If you're a Rangers fan with tickets to Game 3 of the team's playoff series against the Devils, Delta Airlines is offering you a free flight to the arena. A free 17-minute flight.
Greyhounds Video Of The Day
The winner of this race has a name that will be appreciated by Hot Clicks Nation.

Jeopardy! Video Of The Day
NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar appeared on Jeopardy! earlier this week, and served up this nugget.

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