March 05, 2010
How About Some Sun Devils?
Arizona State Cheerleaders :: Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography

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There are a handful of college cheerleading squads that always generate tons of praise from Hot Clicks Nation. One of those schools is Arizona State. This week's Cheerleader of the Week on is from Arizona State. Therefore, I felt it was my duty to share this gallery with you.
Let's Hear From Harry
With the Cubs playing their first spring training game today, thought this was the perfect time to get Harry Caray's 2010 State of the Cubs address.
Grapplers In Government
With Linda McMahon running for Senate, Pyle of List is looking at other wrestlers who would make good politicians.
Booze For Boston Fans
Jacoby Ellsbury's new wine, ZinfandEllsbury, just went on sale, along with Josh Beckett's Chardon-K.
Best Promotion Ever
I spent part of this morning complaining via Twitter about most of the midtown Manhattan Dunkin' Donuts shops closing and getting replaced by Tim Horton's, which happened a few months ago. Then I saw this news on Deadspin: Wizards fans can get two free tickets to a home game by drinking five cups of Dunkin' Donuts coffee. That has to be the easiest thing anyone has ever had to do to get free tickets to anything. If my buddy (and Dunkin' Donuts addict) Lance lived in Washington, he'd end up seeing all 41 home games.
Shot Down
A gun dealer wanted to sponsor a New Jersey Little League team, but was denied.
Sports Video Of The Day
Robert B., of Philadelphia, sent in the music video below and said, "Skip to the 3:51 mark. You might recognize the guy. I'll give you a hint -- he's Russian, plays hockey, his last name begins with an 'o' and rhymes with Bovechkin." The video was posted on YouTube in October 2008, but I didn't remember ever hearing anything about Alexander Ovechkin appearing and brooding in a music video. I even checked with The Washington Post's Dan Steinberg, who covers all things Washington, but he, too, had never seen the video. So hopefully Hot Clicks can help Ovechkin get some props for his dramatic performance.

Dumb Product Video Of The Day
Allen J., of College Station, Texas, says, "Stupid infomercial product starring Wendy the Snapple Lady? Count me OUT." The best part is the over-dramatization of what it's like to crack an egg. It's really not that tough.

Painting Video Of The Day
This is just a cool video of a guy doing a Ray Charles painting while some Ray Charles music plays in the background. (Thanks to Stuart Buchanan, of Fort Collins, Colo., for the link.)

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