March 26, 2012
I Guess He's Excited
Tim Tebow :: AP

Get previous editions of Hot Clicks | Follow Jimmy Traina on Twitter | Subscribe to the Hot Clicks Podcast | Join the Hot Clicks Facebook Group | E-mail a comment, question or link. has put together this compilation video of all the times (44) new Jets quarterback Tim Tebow said the word "excited" during his press conference today.
"I Know He's My Father, But He's Annoying Me"
That's what tennis player Bernard Tomic told the umpire when he tried to have his dad removed from the stands during his match against David Ferrer on Saturday.
Craigslist Posting of The Day
This guy is offering his wife up for Final Four tickets. (If craigslist deletes the posting, you can see a screengrab of it here.)
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Ashley Sky
Model Ashley Sky certainly seems to get this whole social media thing. She's on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr. That Tumblr page is the main reason she's getting today's LLOD honors.
Random Links
Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth hit his own pickup truck with a home run he blasted on Sunday. ... Kobe Bryant just bought a new Ferrari for $329,000 -- and it's paid in full. ... This story gives you some insight into the Evan Longoria-Jaime Edmondson relationship.
This Is Why He's Batman
Despite getting pulled over in the Batmobile last week, Batman was still able to visit a children's hospital.
The Hot Clicks Podcast
In case you missed it last week, John Cena and Rob Gronkowski were guests on The Hot Clicks Podcast. Both interviews can be found here.
Sports Video Of The Day
Here's a guide for Tim Tebow on some "wholesome" activities he can enjoy in New York.

Little Kid Falls Asleep Video Of The Day...
...while skiing.

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