October 23, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
"Out-Kicked His Coverage" Championship
Jennifer Walcott :: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Max says "Face it, you get a little heated ever time you see a below-average-looking athlete walking around with a supermodel on his arm. It's OK, we do too. But don't get mad at the athlete just because he 'out-kicked his coverage.' The truth is you should be congratulating him for taking advantage of his status." And with that The Max is holding a tournament to see which athlete has out-kicked his coverage the most. One of the competitors is Raiders defensive back Adam Archuleta, who's engaged to former Playboy covergirl Jennifer Walcott, who just happened to win The Realests "Hottest Wag" contest. In Game Now also needs you to vote in their World's Hottest Athlete Contest. Today's category is "girls who are fast," which features Leryn Franco.

World Series Links

With Leather has a brief recap of Game 1, but that's not the real reason we're linking to it. There's another story on the site that you MUST check out, but we can't link to it. So just surf around With Leather until you get to the story about what was thrown on the ice at a recent hockey game in Sweden ... Jason Barlett won everyone free tacos last night ... Who wins the battle of Phillies WAGs vs. Rays WAGs? ... Here are the top moments in Phillies history ... And the 10 Weirdest World Series Moments

Tim = Tetris

Thoughts From The Jockstrap is comparing Nintendo Game Characters to NBA Players. The significance of this? They've managed to connect Tim Duncan to one of our favorite games -- Tetris.

This Is What American Politics Has Come To
Political Condoms

Those of you with election (or maybe it's erection) fever, will appreciate this story. Tuesday night, on our walk through midtown Manhattan, this is what we saw on 45th and Broadway -- a man handing out McCain, Obama and Palin condoms. We'll pass on making any more jokes and just give you some funny political links. Most of you probably think it's just McCain vs. Obama for President, but Pate Hogan, of New Madrid, Mo., alerted us to a late, darkhorse candidate. Eddie, of Boston, sent in a link to the trailer for Sarah Palin's Disney movie. ... And in case you didn't know, John McCain knows how to strike a pose. (Thanks to Hasan, of Boulder, Colo., for that link.) Meanwhile, Jacob, of Columbus, Ohio asked if we ever saw this clip of Obama on Soul Train. We have not, but we're also not convinced that it's him. Lastly, several of you sent us this video of Terry Tate making an impact on this year's election.

For The Wrestling Fans

Dan M., of Brooklyn, N.Y. e-mailed to say "If you liked the list of worst wrestling gimmicks in Wednesday's Hot Clicks, check out this site. It is totally devoted to the bad ideas in wrestling history." Meanwhile, Blue Monkey Disco Party looks at how the current economic crisis is affecting The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase.

Random Links

Clinton Portis is not only having a monster season, but now he models for blogs ... The worst quarterback trio in the NFL ... Hugging Harold Reynolds (hey, we know them!) has compiled all the bizarre World Series Craigslist ads

Fresh Items On Facebook

For your Adriana Lima fix, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook Group.

Campus Clicks
The Sooner Schooner and cheerleaders help make OU tailgates great. :: Haderthauer/Icon SMI, Strohmeyer/SI

Tailgating at Oklahoma ... Texas Tech to use contest winner to kick field goals? ... Wisconsin's monster ... Hoops freshmen with big shoes to fill ... Video: Oregon cheerleaders poster shoot.

Sports Video Of The Day

Viq, of Toronto, sent us this great clip of a blocker taking out two guys at once.

Disturbing Commercial Of The Day
We can't figure out what's creepier: the guy's hair or the message at the end.
One More Political Video Of The Day
McCain vs. Obama in a dance off.
Classic Video Of The Day
Noah Schroeder, of Champaign, Ill., e-mailed us this clip of Biz Markie singing Bennie and the Jets on Chris Rock's old HBO show. Granted, that description doesn't sound too exciting, but once you watch the performance you'll see why we thought it was worthy of a spot in the Clicks.
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