September 25, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Athletes In Playboy Quiz
Gabrielle Reece, Amanda Beard :: Getty Images

It must be Playboy week here at Hot Clicks. On Tuesday, we linked to a piece that analyzed the trend of mediocre NFL players landing Playmates. Today, Mental Floss tests our knowledge of athletes who have appeared in Playboy/Playgirl with this quiz. We got 13 out of 14, and we can't figure out if that's good or bad.

Best Catch Ever?

Morgan State wide receiver Edwin Baptiste shows off some unbelievable skills. (Thanks to Aaron, of Greensboro, N.C., and Russell, of Norwalk, Iowa, for the link.)

Matt Millen Links

Tirico Suave has made one of the best tribute videos we've ever seen, featuring Boyz II Men, a ton of movie clips, Vince McMahon and extremely graphic language. ... The Matt Millen Era: In Pictures. ... The top five possibilities for Millen's next occupation. ... Top Ten Matt Millen Disasters

NBA Look-Alikes
Colonel Sanders, Phil Jackson :: Getty Images

Thoughts From the Jockstrap has put together a two-part series (I and II) on NBA figures who look like other famous people. Meanwhile, are examining Six NBA Hairstyles that Branded the Player.

Baron's Battle Of The Bulge

Brett Gaul, of Troy, Kan., e-mailed to say "I know you don't do 'Sign of the Apocalypse,' but I would say this is it. Baron Davis is on Jenny Craig?!?!

Random Links

Suggestions for an L.A. football team name based on the virtuous Los Angeles reputation. ... The Cubs have already printed World Series tickets. ... The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh is Donovan McNabb's all-time favorite movie. ...

Two Important Links

Sports Crackle Pop has the WAGs of Oktoberfest, while Uncoached spent hours putting together The Largest Compilation of Females Wearing NFL Jerseys Ever.

Three Things About Facebook

1. We DESPISE the new Facebook. 2. If you've ever wanted to know what the NFL's Facebook page would look like, check this out. 3. If you haven't joined the Hot Clicks Facebook Group, do so now.

Campus Clicks
Phil Fulmer, Krispy Kreme :: AP

Fulmer's e-mail account gets hacked ... New Georgia development ... Penn State should thank Bigfoot ... Virginia the new Duke? ... Video: Oregon's tough break.

Sports Video Of The Day

The big story in New York right now is the Mets possible collapse. Maybe they can watch this video of the '69 squad singing You Gotta Have Heart on The Ed Sullivan Show for inspiration. For those of you who don't care about the Mets, we urge you to stick around until the 1:25 mark just to see how miserable Nolan Ryan looks.

Chris Rock Video Of The Day

Chris Rock, appearing on David Letterman's show Monday night, managed to work in a Patriots mention and a Michael Vick mention while discussing the presidential election.

Wrestling Video Of The Day

For the old-school WWF junkies out there, Axel Janson, of Cordova, Alaska, sends in Rick "The Model" Martel's "Arrogance" commercials.

Classic Video Of The Day

Lions fans got what they long wanted yesterday. Let's keep the good feelings going with this Barry Sanders tribute.

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