July 03, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Women In Film
Lacey Chabert :: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

We've never heard of the movie Hometown Legend, and we certainly didn't know former Party of Five star Lacey Chabert had a role in it. But thanks to TheOnDeckCircle.net's awkwardly titled post, Attractive Female Celebrities and Movies that Have at Least One Sports Related Connection, we now know what to rent this holiday weekend. (Thanks to Alex, of Kingston, Ontario, for sending us the link.)

Having A Blast With Bathroom Breaks

Here's one way to make sports fans' time at urinals more fun.

Disturbing Imagery

We'll let Awful Announcing sum up today's Erin Andrews post: "Man I'm starting to feel bad for this girl. She can't go more than 10 minutes at a ballpark with either a fan, player or colleague hitting on her. Well, last night during the Sox-Rays game it was Dickie V.'s turn."

Short And Not-So-Sweet
Nate Robinson :: Nick Laham/Getty Images

Undrafted Free Agent undergoes the tall order of figuring out the 10 sports figures who have the biggest Napoleon complexes.

Tweaking The Nation

As if getting swept by the Tampa Rays wasn't bad enough for Red Sox fans, now there's this.

So Long, Seattle

Now that the Sonics are Oklahoma City-bound, Brahsome.com is remembering the 11 greatest Supersonics.

Terrible Trends

From saggy jeans to the "Rachel" haircut to spandex bicycle shorts, Cracked.com is listing 11 Celebrity-Inspired Fads We'd Like to Forget.

Today In Campus Clicks
Anna Kournikova :: Michael Buckner/Getty Images, AP

Pairing Big 12 programs with women we love ... Revisiting realignment ... Best water guns for less than $20 ... Must-read Facebook/McDonalds story ... Video: One Man, Four Harmonies.

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Sports Video Of The Day

A soccer player gets trapped in a barrage of streamers and can't get out. (Thanks to Andrew, of Toronto, for sending us the link.)

Drivers' Ed Video Of The Day

We can watch these videos of people messing with instructors all day long.

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Classic Video Of The Day

Who'll ever forget the Texas Tech "bellringer?"

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