April 01, 2010
Craigslist Ad Of The Day
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Who wants to go to a practice round at the Masters next week for free? All you have to do is call this guy and sing Pour Some Sugar on Me into his answering machine.(Thanks to Cris Miceli, of Atlanta, for the link.)

Tourney Trends
SI.com's Luke Winn is blogging the NCAA Tournament, and one of the highlights is his "Style Archive," which you should check out here and here.
Unpleasant Memories
Since it is tournament time, it's required that every college basketball fan reference Chris Webber's infamous timeout at least once. Hot Clicks is doing that now by linking to this post on the top 10 worst individual moments in sports history.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Barbara Mori :: Victor Chavez/Getty Images
Azim, of Dallas, says, "Hey, Jimmy, your handpicked selection of ravishing women never goes unnoticed by Hot Clicks Nation. There is one fine Latina beauty that many have been overlooked who's now acting in an Indian movie soon to be released: Barbara Mori. Hot Clicks Nation needs to be aware of this." Yes, they do.
The Title Says It All
The latest athlete to land a reality show is Ron Artest. The name of the show? They Call Me Crazy.
Just Some Friendly Advice
If you pay close attention to Major League Baseball win totals for gambling purposes entertainment value, I suggested three over and under bets to make predictions. BroBible.com has the full list of team totals and some quick analysis.
Old School Steve Nash Video Of The Day
Several of Steve Nash's videos have been featured in Hot Clicks. We've seen him get to close to teammates with this crotch. We've seen him as the most ridiculous man on earth. And we've seen him cover the NBA Finals for David Letterman. But here is Nash starring in a commercial many, many years ago, when he had much shorter hair, and looked about 12 years old. (Thanks to Jackson Wright, of Mesa, Ariz., for the link.)

Politician Video Of The Day
Georgia congressman Hank Johnson thinks Guam may tip over.

Martha Stewart Video Of The Day
If you thought "Georgia congressman Hank Johnson thinks Guam may tip over" was absurd, check this out: Martha Stewart shows how to put a chicken to sleep.

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